How did Kong Rong, a descendant of Confucius and one of the seven sons of Jian ‘an, offend Cao Cao?

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Story 1: When Kong Rong was four years old, he ate pears with his brother, but he always took the smallest pears. His father asked him strangely, and kong Rong replied, “I am a child, so I should take the smaller ones.”The clan of Kong Rong was therefore astonished at him.Story 2: Kong Rong arrived at the capital luoyang with his father at the age of ten.At that time, the famous scholar Li Ying was serving in Luoyang. If he was not a famous scholar or his relatives, the gatekeepers would not report him.Kong Rong wanted to see what kind of man Li Ying was, so he paid him a visit.He said to the door, “I am a relative of Jun Li.”After the gatekeeper notified him, Li Received him.Li Ying asked, “May I ask how you are related to me?”Kong Rong replied, “In the past, my ancestor Confucius and your ancestor Laozi had the honor of teachers (Confucius once asked Laozi about the Rites of Zhou). Therefore, you and I are also family friends!”Many guests were present and were surprised by Kong Rong’s answer.Later, Chen Weiyi, a taizhong doctor, came to Li Yingfu. When the guests told him about this, Chen weiyi disapproved, saying, “Being wise in childhood is not necessarily wise when you grow up.”Kong Rong immediately retorted: “Then you must be very smart when you were a child.”Chen went speechless.Li laughed and said, “You are so smart that you will be a great success in the future.”When Kong Rong was thirteen years old, Kong Zhou died. Kong Rong was so grieved that he needed help to stand up. The state praised him for his filial piety.Story four: Zhang Jian was hated by Hou LAN, a minister of zhongchang, and secretly ordered zhou County to arrest Zhang Jian.Zhang Jian is friends with Kong Rong’s older brother, Kong Bao, so he flees to kong Bao’s home, but Kong Bao is not there.Kong rong was only 16 at the time. Zhang jian thought kong Rong was young and did not tell him about her situation.Seeing Zhang Jian’s embarrassment, Kong Rong said to zhang Jian, “Although my brother is away, can’t I be your host?”So he stayed with Zhang Jian in his own home.Later, the matter leaked out and people below the prime minister secretly suppressed it. Zhang Jian was able to escape, while Kong Bao and Kong Rong were arrested and put into prison.But it is not known which of the two was found guilty.Kong Rong said, “I am the one who hid Zhang Jian.Kong bao said, “It is not my brother’s fault that Zhang Jian came to me. It is my fault and I am willing to do so.”When the officials asked their mother, she said, “It is my fault that the elder undertakes the housework.”A door all contend to die, the county hesitated not to decide, so to the imperial court for instructions.The imperial edict finally condemned Kong bao.Kong Rong was so famous that he was as famous as Tao Qiu Hong of Pingyuan and Chen Liu and Edge Rang of Pingyuan.Above are three stories about Kong Rong. From these stories, we can see that Kong Rong is a smart and polite man who values justice and filial piety.In addition, he is also the 20th sun of Confucius and the seventh son of Jian ‘an, with the names of Chen Lin, Wang Can, Xu Gan, Ruan Yu, Ying Wackert and Liu Zhen.However, why he was killed by Cao Cao?When Cao Cao killed Kong Rong, he listed the following crimes: recruiting followers, attempting to act irreverently, slandering the imperial court, and disobeying the rules of the court.But in fact, these charges can be big or small, both cao Cao’s problems, but also kong Rong’s character problems.According to records, after emperor Xian of han Dynasty moved his capital to Xuchang, Kong Rong was appointed as the chief craftsman and moved to Shaofu, and was once conferred the title of Taizhong Doctor.He was a man of great talent, and his opinions often went against tradition. He opposed Cao Cao’s decisions many times, such as opposing the resumption of corporal punishment, opposing Cao PI’s private affair with Yuan Shao’s daughter-in-law Zhen Shi, making a mockery of wu Huan, and opposing Cao Cao’s prohibition of alcohol.In addition, he was loyal to the Han chamber, played on the proposition of “appropriate for the ancient king of gi-ji system, thousands of miles of world, not to the feudal princes” to enhance the real power of the Han chamber, this is more seriously angered Cao Cao.Therefore, in the tenth year of Jian ‘an, Cao Cao planted the above charges and killed the Kong Rong family.Mi Heng and Yang Xiu, whom Kong Rong had befriends, were killed by Cao.Here try to enumerate kong Rong and Cao Cao’s contrarian two examples, can imagine Kong Rong’s arrogance.Example 1: Cao PI opposed to the private affair of Yuan Shao’s daughter-in-law zhen Shi CAI Shaofen version Zhen Mi Cao attacked Yecheng and massacred the residents of Yecheng. Most of the women and girls of Yuan Shao’s family were taken captive.Cao PI, cao Cao’s son, secretly married Yuan Xi’s wife zhen Shi.Kong Rong wrote a letter to Cao Cao, saying, “King Wu attacked Zhou and gave daji to the Duke of Zhou.”Cao Cao did not understand, and later asked Kong Rong what the scriptures were.Kong Rong replied: “According to the current thing to measure, take it for granted.”Kong Rong compared Cao Cao to King Wu of Zhou, Cao PI to Duke of Zhou, and Zhen Shi to Daji. Cao Cao allowed Cao PI to marry Zhen Shi, just as King Wu granted Zhou Gong Da Ji.The story of Zhen shi and Cao Cao, Cao PI, cao Zhi and his son goes further.Zhang Zhixi’s version of Zhen Mizang li Shan quotes Yin Yi of the Book of Han: “Like Chun, Mi Fei, Fu Xi, drowned luo Shui and became the god of Luo Shui.”The Book of Records says:”ZhenYi female BDBD o king, the han, is useless. MAO and facial features corps commander. Plant extremely uneven, day, night thinking, lay waste to eat. Junior high school into the, huang emperor after planting zhen yu used in gold with pillow, rooted in see, unconsciously tears. When has died for going after guo. Emperor also find enlightenment meaning, because the prince left, still with pillow planting adlai was in charge. Also, degree of Huan shafts, a little, interest waterinfo, after enrollment.Suddenly he saw a woman coming and said:”I trusted the king with my heart, but it didn’t work out. When I was at home, I used this pillow to be a counselor with my facial features before I married, and now I am with the king. It is difficult to describe how I used this pillow to fill my mouth with chaff.After emperor Ming saw it, he changed it to “Fu of the Goddess of Luo.” This is the legend of cao Zhi’s emotional entanglements with Zhen. This incident was also introduced by Li Shangyin in his poem, saying, “After emperor Jia began to admire han as an envoy, Mi Fei left the King of Wei under his bed.”In addition, there are the west-wing, cao cao and wa surname dog blood. Recorded in the book, after wei zhen is tender and beautiful, the original is troup’s wife, is very loved. Cao cao compromised yecheng, killing people, immediately ordered a jewess wa surname, attendants told said:” the five senses corps commander (xelloss) has put her away. “cao said.In addition to the above examples, Kong Rong also had another objection to Cao Cao’s prohibition of alcohol.Yao could drink the wine of a thousand zhong, so he could become a saint. If it were forbidden, then Jie of Xia and King Zhou of Shang succumbed to lust, shouldn’t they ban marriage? “Although Cao Cao was tolerant on the outside, he was indignant at heart.