The police badge shines on the front line of epidemic prevention and control

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News in guangxi baise on Feb. 20 (reporter luo, f. h. zhang assured) the baise, since the outbreak of guilin entry-exit frontier inspection station actively response to the terminal mobilization, has sent a total of 17 batches of 210 police arrived in collaborative baise, left, fangchenggang border management team, and district police station, on a line set of epidemic prevention and control ZhiQinDian, execute control task for 24 hours.In the main battlefield of epidemic prevention and control, the police badge shines everywhere!Fighting epidemic couples: there is a romantic, called “we fight side by side!””In the face of the sudden outbreak, as immigration police, we are ready to continue to stick to our posts and temporarily not return to the construction site.”On the other end of the phone, Cheng Yuyao and Tang Jin have packed their luggage back, because they have not spent five Spring Festival in their hometown, this is their first Spring Festival together in the border support unit.After the outbreak of the epidemic in Baise City, they are preparing to return to the team without saying a word, resolutely put into the epidemic prevention and control battle.”Last year, I didn’t go home for the Spring Festival and missed my grandfather’s last reunion, which was the biggest regret in my life.A week before we left, my grandfather held my hand in bed and said it might be the last time we saw each other.”Zheng Yuyao, Tang Jin couple just came back from jiangsu home to visit the old man, his eyes are red, “I can wait for the epidemic in the past, but grandpa can not wait.””Your wife is also at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. Will you be worried?”Cheng Yuyao was not less asked this question, “did not come before, really worried, but now it is used to.With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Zheng Yuyao and Tang Jin have been used to be deployed at any time, fighting together, hand in hand to fight the epidemic.Women do not let men, they are the “female guard” of epidemic prevention and control, women are weak, with the world is also strong.The political police Tang Jin, Liu Sisi, duty team instructor Lin Lin, police Ning Yongxi, Wen Wen, duty team two police Zhou Lei and other female comrades, overcome all kinds of difficulties, braving the rain, braving the cold, as many male comrades stick to their posts.”I am the youngest and have the best resistance. Let me go to the front line!””Said Liu.”I do, I have experience!”Ning Yongxi immediately answered.Liu Sisi is not tall, and even her childish face has not completely faded, but her optimistic attitude after “95” has affected the leaders and moved everyone.As Liu Sisi said: “I grew up in the war against ‘epidemic’, when wearing the police uniform, protective clothing, I am no longer a student, I have to bear this heavy responsibility.”This words, let a person cannot let go for a long time.If Liu Sisi gives people the courage and tenacity to be fearless and brave, Ning Yongxi gives people the dedication and persistence of “head bowed like a willing ox I serve the children”.Although facing the age, lumbar disc herniation, and recently underwent surgery, he was sweating at the end of every shift. He had planned to arrange young policemen to take the shift, but Ning yongxi insisted on staying up all night.”I’m not old yet. I want to stand every shift before I retire!””She said, seemingly jokingly.In the front line, they give full play to the advantages and strengths of women’s work, do a good job in the front line of epidemic prevention and control work carefully, move their hearts, understand the reason, carefully persuade people to return, patiently do a good job of explaining the work of the masses, to fight against the epidemic contributed a strong force of women.In the face of the epidemic, they are invincible, give up small family care for children, adhere to the battlefield without smoke, in their respective posts to fulfill their duties, always protect the health of the people.Ning yongxi performed his duties and stuck to his post with one mind to “fight the epidemic” : The more difficult it is, the more he has to “hide in the trunk, transport by special vehicles, disguise himself as a public servant, etc., and new tricks of illegal entry and exit emerge one after another. Here, we must resist the tremendous pressure of epidemic prevention and control.”Mo Jinsong, deputy director of the Border Inspection Department, who led the team, said.As the main person in charge of the cross-station police reinforcement, he actively assisted the headquarters of the reinforcement unit to coordinate the platoon, personnel deployment, inspection of checkpoints and checkpoints, protective supplies, logistics support and other work. Since the New Year’s Eve, he only rested for two or three hours every day during the Whole Spring Festival holiday.”The on-duty pattern for our surge personnel is 14 days on duty and then seven days in isolation.”Every day, Mo jinsong worked tirelessly to organize the implementation of internal protection measures such as elimination of duty stations, temperature testing of police officers, distribution of epidemic prevention materials, and port containment management. Meanwhile, he stepped up the inspection of freight and routes, and assisted the border inspection station at the Friendship Pass to build a solid anti-epidemic network to prevent the importation of COVID-19 from abroad.”Whatever we need to do, we will go to the front line!”Despite the high intensity of his work and the prolonged return period, Mo jinsong has always been careful and meticulous. He has to go through everything by himself before he can rest assured and go for a visit before he can feel at ease. He has coordinated and solved the problems found in the first time, ensuring the efficient, orderly and smooth implementation of epidemic prevention and control.”In times of peace, immigration police are like soldiers. They fight 24 hours a day and make sacrifices all the time, which is the most true portrayal of us.”This is the cross-station support team leader Mo Jinsong video link said a word, engraved on my heart!The badge shines, the mission is responsible, the needs of the people, is the mission of the people’s public security.In the face of the severe epidemic, the police and auxiliary police moved forward selflessly and fearlessly into the fight against the epidemic.As an extremely important force in epidemic prevention and control, they fought day and night, and interpreted the oath of “people’s public security for the people” with their actions.