New Year with Princess Diana to learn red dress, good-looking not rustic, thriving all year round

2022-06-17 0 By

When it comes to “New Year’s color,” there is no escaping red.The New Year wearing red, thriving, good luck……The ceremony and atmosphere of the New Year are very impressive.But how should gules wear ability fashionable and not colourful common, show white show thin return not rustic, follow floret to learn quickly rise.How to choose red Like lipstick, there are different kinds of red.Red, orange, tomato red, rust red, wine red……Different reds give people different feelings.The most pure red is usually only suitable for people with very white skin, or for small areas, such as shoes, bags, hats and so on.After holding this, can be fond of according to their own, choose like red, used to wear warm colors (such as yellow, orange) clothes sister, can try tangerine, red and brown red;Used to wear cool colors (such as blue, green) clothes sister, can try cold red, crimson and plum red.Gules collocation what color gules + white 100 wear not disgusted collocation, warm and pure.Pairing a red top with white pants, a white sweater with a red dress, or white as an inside is a good option.Gules + black is a classic collocation likewise, another all-purpose collocation, gules can light black depressing, and black can neutralize gules jump off again.Red + blue since ancient times red blue CP, this sentence is also applicable to wear, the collocation of cool and warm tonal personality and fashion, literature and art restore ancient ways.Deserve to act the role of the gules on “careful machine” the gules of large area is controlled very hard, the gules ornament of small area can be happy however restore ancient ways.Bags, headbands, scarves……Even if it’s straight red, it doesn’t feel like a violation.Shoes, hats, gloves, necklaces, earrings, socks, and even red nail polish can also add a touch of flair to an outfit.When it comes to dressing in red, it’s impossible not to mention Princess Diana, who still looks out of fashion.For an all-red look without being tacky, accessorize with a small white poly-dot shirt or black sweater/gloves for a warm, balanced look.The loose coat of phoenix wood red, take the dress of red wave dot of white bottom inside, restore ancient ways nifty do not break elegant again.Princess Diana often wore sweaters as a shawl over her white top, which also worked well.Especially on the right side, there is a long dress with floral patterns, which is full of fashion.A striped shirt with a baby collar and a red waistcoat would never go out of style today.A red sweater doesn’t have to be a solid color either, as Diana’s sheep sweater paired with white straight leg trousers was elegant and playful.Not used to gorgeous red, deep red grid grain business suit with high waist skirt, is also a good choice.Red bag, red hat, red shoes, red belt, princess Diana are often eye-catching accessories, you can also learn from.2022, let’s start with red.Happy New Year together.