That’s tiger talk!The year of the Tiger ceremony in 2022 is the first in the world

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Used to eating hamburgers in Chinatown, but also to the high street light cake folder;Accustomed to the southern and northern accent, I miss the “tiger accent” in my bones.When the footsteps of the Spring Festival approaching, fuqing wanderer drifting heart has long run home direction;We have traveled from all over the world and across countless mountains and rivers just to get back to our beloved hometown and reunite with our family and old friends. We can chat with each other in the authentic “Tiger accent”, taste the flavor of the Year of the Tiger, and share the wonderful New Year in the year of the Tiger.Fuyao southeast huhu Shenghui!In order to welcome the world’s fuqing people to return home, the central inscription in response to the jinhui southeast region in the year of the tiger lucky season action, fusion of fuqing dialect and folk culture, launched the “tiger accent ya Ba” and other five heavy ceremony, to pay tribute to each family.New Year gift box real shoot do good year, ah clap Lao, Ali, flower pick, ya ba……When the world returns, the local accent will not change. Shining authentic local accent is the hottest word of the Spring Festival. The central motto is to pack these very characteristic “tiger accent” blessings into a gift, offering the double taste of the year of the Tiger both visually and audiologically.”Tiger Accent Ya Ba” series custom red envelope bags, with blessing in Fuqing dialect as the theme, and the integration of High Street, Ruiyun Tower, sports hall, Guanyinpu Bridge and other fuqing city landmark elements, each is a carefully crafted work, is the year of the Tiger New Year’s good luck.The Spring Festival couplets and the Chinese character “Fu” set take the traditional Chinese New Year blessing as the theme, but also incorporates the landmark elements of Fuqing, and let Jin Xiaorui incarnated as the “Year of the Tiger”, to extend the “tiger bright” and “more than every year” Spring Festival blessing.Year of the Tiger, Fuqing, Tiger Cavity.The central Ming open The fuqing, the zodiac, the city and the sound of the three clever fusion, carefully designed “tiger cavity ya ba” New Year’s ceremony, with action to inherit the city culture and traditional folk customs, so that the thick Fuqing flavor of the New Year, fondly.The New Year gift box set is just a “Chinese New Year starter”, and the central “Chinese New Year Feast” has more “golden color”.The center absorbs luxury style elements and carefully arranges the blind red envelope wall with full style, which makes the ceremony feel full.▲ Marketing Center real shooting from now to February 15, visit the Central Mingzhu Marketing Center, you can participate in the scene blind box, win “Tiger cavity Ya Ba”, Wangwang and other gifts;Successful subscription of any products, but also to participate in the lucky golden eggs, ten thousand yuan household appliances gift.New Year trench ceremony full of sincerity, ace good room will also burst on the new.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, on the large and medium-sized court of the central inscribed enclosed residential area, the new big four and big three rooms are being promoted, which are customized for large families and small families in Fuqing.From now to February 15, successfully subscribe any house of Central Mingzhu, enjoy an extra 97 percent discount in the Spring Festival, and enjoy a special discount on the designated house, strength beyond your imagination.Prosperous Chinese year, celebrate with the whole world.In 2021, we would like to express our thanks to the people in Fuqing for their love and support. During the Spring Festival, we will give back to the people in Fuqing with great sincerity.▲ Central Mingzhu model house real shoot from now to February 15, Central Mingzhu launched 10 sets of president special approval of the house, unprecedented great benefits Spring Festival, Jinhuiyan selected the existing house limited time hot grab, this year to buy next year to live, this opportunity, time does not wait for me.Spring Festival reunion is only temporary, living together can have a long history.The fuqing family can inherit the family tradition, feel the cohesion of the family, obtain the self-cultivation of the family culture, and make the family business last forever.▲ Central Mingzhu door real auction from now to February 15, Central Mingzhu old belt new jinxi upgrade, the old owners recommend friends and relatives to subscribe, the maximum enjoy each set of 130,000 yuan commission (before tax), plus enjoy each set of 2% recommendation award (before tax);Good room to share with friends and relatives, kill two birds with one stone, a godsend opportunity, not to be missed.A New Year warm heart gift, both vulgar and elegant, but also with humanistic feelings;Four New Year home purchase gift, both face have inside son, and enjoy jinxi jinxi…The central inscription of a “year of the Tiger pet powder carnival”, welcome the world fuqing people home.▲ Central inscription bird’s eye view effect picture King Ronggui, the choice of gold.With the motto of “golden color selection”, we will rebuild the beautiful living place of The Times. We will uphold the glory, style and quality of international awards and devote ourselves to creating KING’s GARDEN to present the Fuqing family that influences the world.Explosive new new spring plus push, building area of about 110-143 square meters president palace, zhengcheng Zhen Tibet;Construction area of about 18-78 square meters a pure layer of jinpu Wang, 34 seats synchronous heat collection;Super A-level real scene demonstration area and model room, welcome to taste!Huhu Shenghui, New Year’s Eve New Year!During the Spring Festival, visit the central Mingzhu marketing center, and receive the New Year nut gift box.Note: the above content and graphic network information source, the data for the advertising, the related content has not ruled out by relevant government planning, regulation and the reasons for the developer does not control and change, to the project environment, transportation, education and other supporting facilities, to provide relevant information, does not mean that the company has made a promise;Part of this publicity material is from the network, and its copyright belongs to the original author. 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