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Recently, some careful netizens found the emoticon hanging of Yoo Yao-moon’s little crying bag in the TV drama. This cute emoticon guest appeared in the TV drama ha ha ha.Yesterday CCTV Spring Festival Gala broadcast, which Yi Yangqianxi performance is really good handsome, and sweet smile.In the opening dance of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala broadcast yesterday, TFBOYS performed on the same stage. Although they did not stand together, it was the best fit, which was really touching.Yesterday broadcast “Spring Festival Gala countdown”, Wang Yuan guest host, and in the hands of the host card, looking good professional.Wang Yuan also sang “Hot youth” in the back, behind there are graffiti background, really let a person blood surging.The day before yesterday, Zhang Zhenyuan released a cappella video, in which he sang “Dimples” really gentle mobile phone.At the end of the video, he said that the song had been recorded so many times that he lost his voice.Yesterday, Wang Junkai, Zhao Liying, Zhu Yilong and Yu Kewei took part in the Countdown to the Spring Festival Gala, and they also performed songs together in the evening gala.Yesterday, TFBOYS appeared in the VCR of Countdown to the Spring Festival Gala, which also sent New Year wishes to everyone.In the preview of the Spring Festival Gala on Beijing TV recently, ding Chengxin was absolutely amazing. Let’s look forward to his performance on stage.Yesterday, “Miracle · Stupid child” released the character of Yi Yangqixi trailer, his role as a fledgling stubborn young, brave and resourceful entrepreneurial talent of the good factory director, is really brave.The movie was released on The first day of Chinese New Year.Yesterday, Jackson Yi’s studio released a New Year’s photo of Jackson Yi wearing a blue sweater and posing with a sweet gourd and a cat.Yesterday, the three generations of TF family released a New Year greeting video, 12 members sent their wishes and wished everyone a happy New Year, here also wish the three generations of TF family trainees a happy New Year.The day before yesterday, He Junlin released a video of playing badminton in the company. It is really lovely to hit the badminton with children’s balls, and He Junlin also took this as a big action is really good.Yesterday, The Times youth league released a material, the members of the material prepared the New Year’s eve dinner, there are links to choose dishes with, the staff fried vegetables and red envelope links, this is really too lively.This year marks wang’s seventh year on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and he performed happy Time on stage.Yesterday, Wang’s studio shared a group of wang Junkai’s Spring Festival Gala photo set photos, a red velvet suit handsome and gentleman.The day before yesterday, Wang Yuan sang “The answer” on the stage of “The Answer”, the scene of the starry atmosphere feeling good enough.