Global media praised shenzhen elements in the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics

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Last night, The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Shenzhen attracted the attention of the world by presenting the innovative concept of “Winter Olympics + fashion + technology” through unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, building lighting and art performances.Winter Olympics opening night, the Associated Press reported that shenzhen “snow” into the games, the world dozens of media synchronization forward, including the Los Angeles times Boston headlines the Houston chronicle, the news of the British daily herald, the news of the Dublin, Paris guardian “Barcelona news” news of Edinburgh.Multiple international media outlets have published an article that featured a show at the Shenzhen subvenue of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics last night, Considering Shenzhen’s innovative integration of fashion,science and technology into its celebration of the Winter Games.The media outlets included AP News, Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald, Houston Chronicle, The UK News, Russia Herald, Dublin News, Irish Sun, and Europe Sun.Sreenshots of the media outlets'The Associated Press reported on the Shenzhen show ahead of the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.”Shenzhen’s three-minute show used new technology, tools and formats, creating a visual feast by transforming drones into snowflakes over shenzhen and winter Olympics mascots.””The three-minute show in The city of Shenzhen adopted a variety of new technologies, new tools and new forms,featuring drones performing dizzying formations in the sky, Gradually shaping from snowflakes to mascots of the Winter Games,””Laser matrix in the night sky of Shenzhen, ‘we are the world’ four Chinese characters,It echoes the theme of the Winter Olympics, ‘Together for the Future’.In addition, citizens and actors dressed up as snow fairies and flower fairies to offer blessings for China’s prosperity, stability and happiness.””The Urban Laser Art gis illuminated The Chinese words’ Tian Xia Yi Jia ‘in The Night Sky,The slogan of the Winter Games’ Together for a shared future. ‘Hundreds of citizens and artists dressed as snowFairies and flower fairies together to wish the country prosperity, safety and happiness,””This spectacular show is A blend of fashion, technology and traditional Lingnan culture,It showcases Shenzhen’s charm, vitality and creativity on the world stage.””The collective display integrated fashion,Technology and traditional Lingnan culture to offer the world’s stage a sense of the city’s charm,Vitality and innovation,”In addition, shenzhen’s creative video for welcoming the Winter Olympics was also reported by international media, including the Associated Press, on February 4.In addition, a short video produced by Shenzhen to celebrate the Winter Games was also released by international media outlets such as the AP News, and others.WeChat Editors/Lin Lin, Claudia