I went to Mali to conduct technical training for hospitals in the mission area

2022-06-18 0 By

On February 16, the 9th Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to Mali held a training session for medical staff at a level-II Chinese hospital in Gao.The event was well received by both THE EASTERN THEATRE of MINUSMA and the Gao Hospital.According to reports, Gao region in Mali is short of medical resources and the situation is unstable, and terrorist attacks occur frequently.In order to ensure better medical care for the local people and save more lives, the Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment has established a medical technical support mechanism with the Gao Hospital with the approval of THE EASTERN Theater Command of MINUSMA.During the technical training, the Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment introduced diagnosis and treatment techniques and treatment experience to the trainees, and donated medicines, medical supplies and other materials to Gao Hospital.”We are very grateful for the technical experience and medical supplies provided by the Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment. We hope today’s event will be a good start of bilateral cooperation,” said Joseph, director of Gao Hospital.Several officials from the Eastern theater of MINUSMA also attended the event.”We believe that this training will enhance the medical care capacity of the Gao Hospital,” said Mr. Mamadou, deputy Director of military and Civil Cooperation in the Eastern theatre of UNMA.On behalf of the Eastern War Zone, I would like to express my gratitude to the Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment.”The commander of the Eastern Theater command of MINUSMA also sent a letter of thanks, praising the Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment for its important contribution to the improvement of medical conditions in Gao.Gao Hongbao, Sun Xiaoshun) Editor: Zhang Jiaoying