Route 609 will resume its original alignment from February 1

2022-06-18 0 By

[News page – Taiwan Network] Xiamen Network (network reporter Shen Weibin correspondent Lin Hengwei) the reporter learned from Xiamen bus Group, combined with the construction progress of Tingxi West Road, from February 1st, the 609 road will be restored to the original route.At that time, the line will be from the music sea bus station from the road to the yuan Road Zhaohui intersection, zhaohui road, zhaoyang Road, 682 township road, Ting Xi West road to “Xiangyang Palace” station to receive the original line to praise the United States.Descending from the praise of the United States, to ting Xi West Road Ting Xi South intersection, changed by Ting Xi West Road, 682 township road, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Yuan Road to the original line to le Sea bus station.Line stop: Tianyang intersection (to Le Hai), before the house (to Le Hai), Shuang Jian, Tianyang, cross the stream, the next;Stop: Ting Xi intersection (to le Hai), Zhaohui intersection, Dongshan intersection, Kui Wu Xiu.