24 hours online “pulse” weather forecasters guard the cloud New Year

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With the popularity of smart phones, high-quality weather forecasts have become visible.There are not only daily updates of temperature, air quality, wind level, etc., but also various weather warning information.Behind these accurate and timely weather forecasts, there is a group of meteorologists who quietly stick to their posts, and they are “online” 24 hours a day, paying attention to the changes in the wind and rain.Guo Dafeng, chief forecaster of jiangxi Meteorological Observatory, is one of them. He has been at his post for 20 consecutive Years during the Spring Festival, checking the pulse of the province’s weather.Guo Dafeng, chief forecaster, keeps his eyes glued to the computer screen as usual at the forecast hall of the Jiangxi Meteorological Bureau on Feb 1, the second day of the Spring Festival holiday.”How can you predict the rain, snow and temperature that hasn’t come yet?”In the face of dajiang network, dajiang news client reporter’s questions, Guo Dafeng said with a smile, to do a good job of weather forecast and early warning this work is still very difficult, to comprehensive analysis of massive weather-related data.High altitude weather map, surface weather map, satellite cloud map……Various data are closely marked on colorful analysis charts.These images, which may seem dazzling to the average person, are what weather forecasters need to learn every day.According to Guo Dafeng, due to the particularity of weather forecasting, forecasters are divided into short-term, deputy class, main class, and chief.Forecasters want to view massive weather chart information and real weather data around the world every day, after the analysis operation, give their forecast results, after the weather forecast meeting, finally issued by the chief forecaster.”The weather needs to be monitored 24 hours a day, the warning is irregular, and the general forecast will come out at six o ‘clock every day, the forecaster on duty will be ready at four or five o ‘clock.”To sum up the work of the year, Guo dafeng said that the busiest time is from March to June, because these months in Jiangxi, severe convection, rainstorm and other severe weather, frequent occurrence.In addition, during holidays, major events, and complex and changeable weather, it is also the most stressful time for forecasters.Kwok dafeng admitted that the weather forecaster’s Spring Festival is the same as usual, and this holiday is not easy.”Although the whole weather forecast of the whole province for the Spring Festival holiday was released before the Spring Festival, because the cold air can change at any time, forecasters still pay close attention to all kinds of real-time meteorological data every day and every move of the cold air.”As a veteran of 37 years of working as a meteorologist and nearly 20 years as a weather forecaster, Kwok Dafeng almost never spent a full Spring Festival holiday at home.Guo dafeng said, whenever I hear people say “this forecast is quite accurate”, I feel that their efforts are worth it.Guo Dafeng said, as the city management is increasingly sophisticated, also put forward higher request to the weather forecast, although now the weather forecast can’t reach 100% accurate, but the work significance lies in a prediction for the weather changes, a warning to people, especially of sudden rejuvenation-a shift in weather, let people can take preventive measures.”For example, government departments need to take measures in advance of possible storms, gales, hail, typhoons and other disasters based on weather forecasts and alerts provided by meteorological departments to minimize the loss of people’s lives and property.”In order to provide good weather services, the meteorological department is known to have a staff of various departments, including data processing, information transmission, and material production services, as well as weather forecasters.For example, weather service production staff, hosts, information network support, data transmission and processing personnel, they need to stick to their posts in turn on duty, day and night only recognize cold and warm.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn