High school political science what?

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High school politics Production, labor and management;Citizens and government;National spirit and advanced culture;Philosophical thought and material view, practice view and other knowledge.High School Politics is a book published by Publishing House of Electronics Industry on August 1, 2012. The author is Zhang Liming.2. Production and operation is the general term for all kinds of organized activities carried out around the input, output, sales, distribution and even the simple reproduction or the realization of expanded reproduction of enterprise products.The main contents of enterprise production and operation include: making decisions according to the present and future market conditions, arranging production plans, organizing and controlling production, controlling quality and cost, and launching product marketing.3. A citizen is a person who holds the nationality of a particular country and enjoys rights and obligations under the laws of that country.The natural nature of citizen reflects that citizen is born and exists based on natural physiological law.The legal attribute of citizen means that citizen, as a legal concept, participates in social activities, enjoys rights and undertakes obligations as a member of a country, which should be stipulated by national laws.