Xixia Cultural Tourism Group and Wuliqiao Town conspire to promote the ideal town project

2022-06-19 0 By

Recently, Xixia County Culture & Tourism Group and Wuliqiao Town Party Committee and Government jointly held the third promotion meeting of the Ideal town project to discuss the promotion of the project after the New Year.Wuliqiao town Party secretary Liu Bo, mayor Xue Shuchao and some team members, county culture and tourism bureau director Wan Fang, Beijing zhongan Da Tian Company design director Yang Qinkai and group company all leadership members to attend the meeting.The participants discussed how to speed up the ideal town project after the New Year festival.We always believe that the project has accurate positioning, feasible layout and concept, which is a beneficial exploration to revitalize assets and show the image of the town. “Three gold and two benefits” is a seamless connection with rural revitalization, which is in line with the general direction of Xixia tourism development.Has solved problems such as land, forest land, the next step is the key project of cultivating the parties set up the special project team list, inversion time limit, sink project as soon as possible, to start marketing, wen gen, studies plate, absorb external resources team, better mobilize the masses to launch into the resources, to set up the collective cooperative, clear the parties rights and obligations, establishing the image of beautiful country.We all agreed to work together to complete the development project as soon as possible.Xixia Travel Pass