Xixiu District tourism epidemic prevention and control emergency drill, arrangement!

2022-06-19 0 By

Recently, the tourism industry in Xixiu District carried out emergency drills for epidemic prevention and control, aiming to test the current epidemic prevention and control emergency response and prevention and treatment capabilities, as well as the command and coordination, rapid response and efficient disposal capabilities of the tourism industry in xixiu District to deal with emergencies.The drill simulated four scenarios including case discovery, isolation observation, case transport and environmental elimination.During the whole exercise, participants from all departments responded quickly, cooperated efficiently, connected closely and in an orderly manner.Through the exercise, the awareness of epidemic prevention and control of the staff of all departments was enhanced, the emergency response capacity and management level were improved, and the expected goals of checking the plan, running-in mechanism and training the team were basically reached.To ensure the health and safety of tourists and employees, and ensure the orderly development of all work in the scenic spot.Reporter: Li Lixi Xiu Rong Media: Zeng Wuchao Wang Peixuan (intern) Editor: Tian Qiqi