Huang Xiaoming baby husband and wife bronze statue set off hot words, how much love in the past, now how much trouble

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As much trouble as it used to be.Huang Xiaoming, 45, and Angelababy, 33, announced on Friday that they were divorcing after nearly seven years of marriage.While some expressed regret over their divorce, most netizens said they were not surprised, given that rumors about their split began in 2018.In the past N divorce rumors, they were always refuted, but this time after the public divorce, in order to avoid the incident to ferment, they said in a statement that they will not respond to anything, which is also a relatively good level of public relations.However, Huang xiaoming’s doting behavior before his wife, also let him this divorce appears more awkward.In 2015, Huang spent 200 million yuan to marry Angelababy, who is 12 years his junior, in a lavish wedding of the century in Shanghai.They took gorgeous wedding photos before their wedding, including one of Angelababy snuggling up to Huang xiaoming in an off-the-shoulder gown and crown.Unexpectedly in 2017, there was a rumor that Huang Xiaoming found someone to make a bronze statue according to the pattern of the wedding photos. The size is like a human proportion, and it is lifelike and quite lifelike.And it is widely rumored that the bronze statue has been placed in Huang Xiaoming’s studio, spoil his wife behavior makes many netizens envy.Now that they are divorced, how will the statue be disposed of?Netizens have mixed opinions.Some netizens suggested sawing the bronze in half and dividing it by one person, while others said it would be better for their son to keep the small sponge, and even suggested breaking or melting it down, which is quite funny.In fact, many couples have special ways to keep their love alive.The most common one is to send micro blogs, which can not only increase one’s popularity but also attract fans’ attention.In the event of a divorce, delete all of your tweets, or make them visible only for six months.But some things, once done, are not so easy to erase.When Angelababy fell in love with William Chan more than a decade ago, they got tattoos together because they were so in love.Baby is dating Huang Xiaoming after breaking up with William Chan. I don’t know if she had the tattoo removed successfully.Now she is divorced from Huang Xiaoming. If she doesn’t want to look at her wedding photos, she can burn them and lock up her weibo posts showing her love. But it is still unknown how the bronze statue will be resolved.Do you have any good suggestions?