Wantou Central Primary School, Jinqiu Street, Boxing County: Parent-child movement, harmony, beauty and childlike innocence to welcome the Winter Olympics

2022-06-20 0 By

In the “double reduction” and “Family Education promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China” after the implementation of the first winter vacation, Boxing County Jinqiu Street Wantou Central Primary school called on all students to use the holiday, carry out parent-child physical fitness activities, strengthen the body and will at the same time, promote the formation of parent-child relationship.An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.Every morning, parents lead their children to exercise in the adjacent playground or open area. They jog, skip rope, jump rubber band, kick a ball, play badminton…The sweat on his body and the smile on his face warmed this cold winter day.No sweat no exercise, with the company of parents, the children’s training enthusiasm is higher, they sweat, high attitude to the sun growth, open the unique happiness of the holiday.In the exercise of a strong body, in the exercise of pleasure, in the adhere to enhance the will, in the movement to understand the true meaning of life, in the peer mutual assistance, parental companionship between the exchange of emotions, enjoy happiness.Simple brushes, bright colors, and wonderful hand-copied newspapers made by children show the vitality and passion of the Olympic Games incisively and vividly.All the teachers, students and parents of Baytou Central Primary School helped the Winter Olympics with fitness exercises, showing their enthusiasm for the Olympics with brilliant colors, and practicing the Olympic spirit of swifter, higher, stronger and more united by doing our best.