Why waste so much oil when you don’t press AC on the heater?The driver will give you the correct answer

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Why waste so much oil when you don’t press AC on the heater?We hate driving in winter. It’s really very, very cold outside and we don’t want to go out. When we get out of the door, everything inside the car is cold and you are even afraid to touch the steering wheel because the steering wheel is also cold!In this case, many people will still choose to turn on the car heating!There are a lot of people think, open air conditioning in winter with summer air conditioning is the same truth, are very consumption of gasoline!Aforementioned open warm wind itself needless to fuel consumption in winter, it’s different and summer air conditioning operation mechanism, the summer air conditioning air conditioning, mainly is the compressor work, the energy of the compressor is provided in the engine, summer leaves air conditioning owners feel soaring fuel consumption obviously, small-engine cars will also feel the power, however, warm wind blowing needless of fuel is not absolute.If the heating temperature is too hot, the owner often open A/C button to lower the temperature, but why not press the AC button to add so much oil?To this, the senior driver has explained.It’s also important to note that if you want to quickly warm your whole body, you can set the air outlet mode to your feet, because once your feet are warm, your whole body will be much warmer.And the warm wind runs from the bottom up, the warm wind blows toward the feet, can also run up the heat, we can also warm up faster.So whether the A/C key or A key mist, don’t forget to close in time, so as to avoid the waste of fuel, if the buttons are closed, fuel consumption and opening up, it won’t be A warm wind, probably because you hot car for too long, it may also be because too many carbon deposition, within the engine nozzle, the combustion chamber caused by clogged,At this time the car in addition to the obvious increase in fuel consumption, power is also soft like the National foot, there will be serious idle instability, jitter problems.The majority of car friends is how to look at it