Hailing District: Five farmers’ markets to improve epidemic prevention facilities

2022-06-21 0 By

According to the latest requirements of domestic epidemic prevention and control work, hailing District Market Supervision Sub-bureau, in accordance with the work deployment of the superior, paid close attention to the implementation of various prevention and control measures, improved the epidemic prevention facilities of 5 farmers’ markets, surrounded the market, set the number of entrances and exits according to the actual situation, and arranged security personnel at the entrances.People entering the market are required to wear masks, take temperature measurements and present health codes.On the afternoon of 28, the standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress held a summary meeting of party history study and education.In recent days, city leaders have been dispatched to various places to carry out epidemic prevention and control and safety work inspection, to ensure that the public enjoy a safe party.On 26th, our city held “The History of The Communist Party of China Yangjiang County” (the first volume), “the History of the Communist Party of China Yangjiang Guangdong Province” (…This morning, the city CPPCC held eight sessions of a chairman’s conference, convey the learning provincial CPPCC twelve sessions of five sessions of the spirit.Source: Yangjiang Radio and Television Station source: Yangjiang Radio and Television Station