Snow protection line, welcome the Winter Olympics!Jinchang Municipal Bureau of Justice carried out collective snow removal and ice removal volunteer service activities

2022-06-21 0 By

This network auspicious snow trillion bumper harvest, spring weather new.In recent days, there has been a large range of heavy snowfall in the province, Jinchang City in Gansu Province also ushered in a long time of snow.While enjoying the beautiful scenery of snow and ice, the serious snow and ice phenomenon on the road has greatly affected the normal travel, production and life of the general public, and also brought great hidden danger to the road traffic.Snow conditions are orders.February 7, February 8 morning, Jinchang City justice Bureau to snow as the order, see snow action, quickly organized all volunteers with snow shovels, shovels, brooms and other tools, the first time in Baojie Baobo yumen Road area to carry out voluntary snow removal activities, to protect the safety of the masses.The cold winter weather is difficult to stop everyone’s enthusiasm for voluntary labor, active dedication, snow removal and ice removal. Volunteers participating in the voluntary snow removal activities, despite the bitter wind, holding all kinds of snow shovel tools, division of labor and work together, running in the snow removal and ice line.Volunteers cleaned the pavement, motor vehicle path, step ramp and other key sections for many times, timely and efficiently cleaned the pavement and motor vehicle path covered with snow and ice.Prevent pedestrians from falling and avoid traffic accidents.Volunteers’ “red vests” have also become a beautiful scenery on the road.In the activities, the leaders of the bureau quickly organized, set an example and devoted themselves to the volunteer activities.All cadres and staff solidarity, despite the cold, hard work, efficient completion of the snow deicing task.The launch of the ice and snow removal voluntary service activity is the first week of the resumption of work after the holiday, which is the embodiment of all the cadres and staff of Jinchang Justice Bureau carrying out the “Bao Jie Bao Gang” voluntary activity and contributing to the establishment of jinchang as a model city of national civilization.Also fully demonstrated all cadres and workers are not afraid of dirty tired, everyone responsible, united as one of the good spirit.(Jinchang Justice Bureau) Source: Justice Department of Gansu Province