Today’s basketball confidence 2 series 1 analysis: 301 Magic vs Hawks 304 Thunder vs Spurs

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In the 2021-2022 NBA regular season, the Orlando Magic will defend their home court against the Hawks, who are back on track to win back-to-back games.Fundamental analysis since the magic of consecutive seasons leave high to go lower, the magic will open the reconstruction era, the magic of the season at present, with 13 about 46 the second-worst in the east, the team’s power is limited, but the magic ways for transfers-will not bad, but the overall strength is not strong, the only advantage is inside the reserve center is more,With carter, Bamba, loelo and Wagner rebounding well, the Magic didn’t give up early in the first half against the Nuggets, losing by 10 points and heading for their third straight loss.Hawks as the eastern third of the playoffs last season, but the new season of the eagle did not continue the status of the last season, is currently in the eastern part of the 27 in about 30 in the first ten, for now only qualifying for the position, face the black knight team today, the two teams played very anxious, finally only narrowly knight end losing streak, and tomorrow is back to back,The team will be physically demanding, and the team has suffered three straight road losses.Comprehensive analysis of this game gives the Hawks 7.5 points, according to the recent situation of the two teams, this game is supported by the points, but the European data mostly gives the hovering between 4.5 and 5.5, with the strength of the two teams or the Hawks, but with the recent state of the two teams, the two teams are six of one and six of the other.Combined with the data analysis of Jiebao and European data analysis, the team is optimistic about the pace of winning streak.Reference:The Hawks will play the Oklahoma City Thunder vs SAN Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 9:00pm Beijing time. The Spurs beat the Thunder by 20 points last season in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s last meeting on the road, and what will happen when the two teams meet again in the Thunder’s home court?We’ll see!List of Starters: Giddy, Mann, Bazley, Wiggins, Robbie Injury List: Alexander, Dort, Muscaramuri, Wassell, Johnson, McDermott, Bolt Injury List: Jones, LangfordThunder last round in the absence of Alexander, and dole, all away through overtime the knicks, the game gidi celebrated their highlights show, the match he 39 minutes, scored 28 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists large three pairs, is his NBA career high with 28 points, on top of XuanFa mann also scored 30 points,Bazley added 23 points, and the trio combined for 81 points to beat the Knicks, who ended a six-game losing streak just in time to make their All-Star weekend a little easier.The spurs on the trading deadline off the small white white, from the celtics for longford and Richardson, Ming is good to see the spurs one in two, but the strength of the two, longford as 19 years the first round of the no. 14, show, the celtics have the experience of three season failed to hit, and Richardson, but also for offensive efficiency problem,Both have been waived several times over the years, so in the end, they’re not as good as White. The Spurs let White go to a competitive team to show his talent, and the team decided to build a team around Murray on the perimeter, which is good for both sides.Competition Analysis:Popovich just 26 games victory this season, can be crowned most coach in NBA history, the spurs won 22 36 negative, only four games, keeping the face like thunder, no matter from the team experience and strength, the spurs should be to win victory, on the data at present to give to the horse assassin to 6.5 points,In the last game between the two teams this season, The Spurs led by 6.5 points, this game away can also let this data, strength is still good, the lineup, the Thunder is currently missing the main Alexander, Dolt is also doubtful, this is the most opportunity for the Spurs to attack, this game I am optimistic about the Spurs.Spurs -7.5