Acura CDX, Roewe RX5, Changan Auchan X5 who is worth buying?

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Acura CDX, Roewe RX5, Changan Auchan X5 who is worth buying?Foreword: you finally come in, I wonder if all of you miss me?I have been waiting for you for a long time. I would like to thank you all for your kindness and wish you a happy family. Without further ado, let’s talk about these guys this time.As is known to all, suvs as internal position is more abundant, not only has a low fuel consumption, low maintenance cost advantages, at the same time the overall Chou is pure and concise, which is “the suv” can’t match, one of the main advantage of trusted by more and more girls at the same time, at the same time as the better a successful travel “properties”.Today, I will make an in-depth analysis of SUV models recognized by the market and with excellent cost performance for car lovers from the perspective of the most objective and relevant onlookers. These are all extracted from the driving experience of my colleagues.Hope to provide some objective reference for the column position.The first model: Acura CDX about acura CDX sales: as a popular model derived from Guangqi Acura, since its debut so far in the domestic market is no doubt very colorful, on the other hand, acura CDX transaction price is also very attractive, at the same time, won a lot of car friends of the affirmation and praise.By the author’s understanding: Recently Acura CDX is still a way forward.It jumped to 5,124 units, ranking 68th on the SUV sales list, and was arguably the brightest new star, beating out many of the strongest competitors on the SUV charts.Of course, acura CDX ranking is not special, but xiaobian still believe that the quality of acura CDX is still one of the mainstream level of the market.The reason is obvious, because the competitiveness of acura CDX is no problem that everyone can see.And both handling and off-road are able to beat a number of high-end luxury SUV models.Many friends have such a feeling: acura CDX’s extraordinary product quality is obvious to all of us, the sales performance is expected to be targeted next month.Acura CDX’s appearance is concise and concise, the thickness of the car paint is moderate, and the acura CDX side part of the waist line is also exceptionally good-looking, the body posture appropriately presented.In addition, the shape of the front is particularly cool, and there is a smooth two-section line slightly up, such as small waist general brilliance, so that the high-end feeling of acura CDX more attract eyes, look up strong feeling.There is also a pair of very handsome LED halogen headlight group distribution on both sides, waist line is also very bright, very good-looking.Size analysis: Acura CDX front and back position is also “thief” considerable, to consumers to create a very carefree feeling, compared with the rest of the same price also to color, in addition to the Acura CDX storage space is pretty good, pull some daily luggage is enough to use.Acura CDX length of 4542mm, 1840mm wide, 1615mm high, even if the back seat on three common weight mm is not a problem.So the Acura CDX can meet most daily travel needs without a problem.On the other hand, the trunk Angle is definitely better, so it can hold a lot of goods.It gives the outside world a sense of prestige, which is great.In addition to the shiny front face, simple and low-key interior, acura CDX power output in the competition is absolutely targeted, its power is 146, transmission is the use of new E-CVT stepless configuration, many friends think that acura CDX power performance is very stable.For many e-CVT stepless irons can be a boon.At the same time, the acura CDX engine cylinder is made of aluminum alloy, so it has excellent thermal conductivity.In addition, the Acura CDX not only provides turbocharging system, but also self-suction device. The actual displacement of the Acura CDX is only 1.5T and 2.0L, which is relevant to the evaluation: The Acura CDX is invincible in the field of about 340,000 SUV.Acura CDX’s appearance level can be said to be impeccable, looking like a real eyeball white tiger.Looks pretty classy.Second, the Acura CDX leg extension is also very good, comfortable to sit in, and the Acura CDX control is very good, which is definitely one of the strongest market competitiveness of the Acura CDX.Car owners comment 2: The acura CDX fuel consumption is not very high, should be the reason why the accuracy of fuel control technology has improved a lot, so the Acura CDX fuel performance is very good.Authors usually run mostly urban and rural roads, sometimes run home high-speed, moreover is worth people thumb up, although the acura CDX Chou up is very heavy, but the overall fuel consumption is not so high, my imagination table show fuel consumption value is about 8.2 litres/hundred kilometers, integrated view, is ok.In the SUV market, it may be considered fuel – efficient.So the author is very gratified, the most commendable is that everyone has praised the praise of CDX is worth boasting.To tell you the truth, if regularly driving in the desolate Gobi, it is estimated that fuel consumption will be relatively large.I am a college student who is not in love, so if I squeeze some travel expenses, I can pay for gas for many days.So for now, fuel consumption is not a problem.To be honest, the better the fuel economy, the better it must be.Although the run-in time is not particularly long, I believe that the overall fuel consumption of Acura CDX should be lower after further combination.Pro’s point: I feel the Acura CDX chassis system is solid, even though I’m more comfortable driving the car, but after the bumps and bumps, I feel very uncomfortable.If you are older, then sitting inside is likely to feel uncomfortable pp.In addition, there are some disappointments, acura CDX chassis assembly can hear more harsh tire noise, especially when entering uneven and steep sections will be more obvious, and when shifting gears can feel a little slow.Look for after sale, but later also say do not know specific situation.1. The smell of a new car is very embarrassing when it is picked up.No2: Roewe RX5 The new Roewe RX5 design sense is full, make small make a kind of can’t help but look at a few unique feelings.Roewe RX5 face very high-end before, quite powerful, like the owl’s head, the size of China is not very big, more beautiful, and roewe RX5 doorknob position appropriately with some silver chrome decorative top face two led headlamp unit yi yi is unripe brightness, a walk on the street is certainly no problem coming back.And the whole side of the Roewe RX5 body is particularly long, and there are also a number of sleek waist line contrast, has been extended to the car’s tail area, there is a sense of both.And the gloss of Roewe RX5 is well handled, especially wear-resistant.It’s my favorite style.Roewe RX5 tail shape is particularly interesting, while the rear two taillights are very powerful, look very sharp, overall, The overall appearance of Roewe RX5 is more suitable for the requirements of rice people.Male subordinate and the male ticket before buying Roewe RX5 is take a fancy to handsome modelling to go.Old driver Miss Chen said: under the working relationship will often go to the official experience shop test car over hand addiction, the current personal feeling cash of the Roewe RX5 sound insulation effect is more reliable, open on the road te quiet, although the weight of Roewe RX5 so heavy, and so long, but the performance is relatively practical.The third model Changan Auchan X5 69,900 ~ 107,900 appearance: Changan Auchan X5 is not arrogant, more concise, the front grille silver trim is more shining, exaggerating to say that has filled the whole face of changan Auchan X5.Meanwhile, changan auchan X5 before the face of the style of the headlight is very have temperament, changan auchan X5 chassis is lower, more solid, Chou up a bit like a sports car, automobile body line, also do not have a lock has flagship SUV most like to use a wheel hub phase contrast, class feels dye-in-the-wood, in addition, the headlights and tail lamp is also extremely sporty,At the same time to changan Auchan X5 appearance level improved a lot.It has edges and corners and retains a sense of movement.Makes the whole car full of intoxicating elegance.The outside world believes that Changan Auchan X5 can be said to be one of the most mainstream models.Interior analysis changan Auchan X5 a lot of places can reflect the designer’s intentions.Assembly process is very exquisite, fast control, at the same time, the button and air conditioning keys currently no failure of the situation, this is the total evaluation of many consumers on Changan Auchan X5.At the same time, changan Auchan X5 steering wheel using luxury leather structure, grip is very “lose” clothing, accurate response, but also make the whole Changan Auchan X5 more safe and reliable.It is worth noting that changan Auchan X5 driving seat backrest design is pretty hard, the internal fitting degree of processing is quite good, also the seat internal padding is very soft, sit up to relax, I bought to do business reception, customers said sitting feeling very comfortable.And Changan Auchan X5 has not found any odor problems so far.And you can’t hear the noise in the car.So I am very happy.On the power, changan Auchan X5 power can be said to be relatively straightforward, is simply handsome stay, the acceleration process did not drag the experience of water.As soon as the car is ready to fuel, it can overtake.And there is a very strong sense of pushing back, noise reduction performance is also very in place, usually not carefully feel the words, you can almost feel the engine under the intervention and exit, comfort is also very good.In addition, because changan Auchan X5’s original power has been very in place, coupled with the next mainly to ride, so there is no need to changan Auchan X5’s power too much optimization.Changan Auchan X5 this car whether household or business is very good, can be said to be appropriate business IKEA.Changan Aushang X5 head position is very long, the headlights used a school of one’s own design, brightness is also pretty good.It is important to note that changan auchan X5 on either side of the door handle and grille China open all blackened after the upgrade, the silver chrome plated article also quite athletic, and rules of headlight constitute the unique design, looked very fashionable and beautiful, in addition, changan auchan X5 hub is aluminium alloy, the size is also very moderate,No matter its size or shape and other aspects are also better.I love it.At the same time with a grounding gas style of the line, the style of the tires under the special color, compared with the price of similar cars but also more upscale.And the sound insulation effect in the same level of competing SUV is particularly good, I really enjoy not impetuous environment.I have been running for half a month or so, and I still feel good at present.In a word, Changan Auchan X5 cost-effective or “thief” stick, the top version is less than 100,000 tickets on the transaction, since bought changan Auchan X5 xiaobian will occasionally go out to run.Car Friends comment 2:Next was no problem of the nouveau riche, so it is especially good face, the mainstream of the car I was scornful of, but after bought the car, every time I go out and the elderly, children, or do business feel unique face out, touch the steering wheel it came up, at the same time science and technology are also very cool, my children often ask me outside in changan auchan X5 is what east east?I told you the Changan Auchan X5 was your father’s private horse.Another is the feeling of operation. Sometimes I feel very tired when talking about business, and I want to have a good rest when driving. This car can be said to have completely satisfied my driving needs and desires.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied with my evaluation of changan auchan X5 is very satisfied, of course, not only brand strength, and also great comfort, I grew up like the car, is now fighting finally bought a belongs to own changan auchan X5, ride comfort, open also taste wonderful, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and its consumption is not high also,It definitely satisfies a lot of my needs.Car friends comment 4:Changan Auchan X5 is particularly strong, driving more like an electric car, xiaobian comments on the three SUV models introduced above, the SUV with a lower guide price is Changan Auchan X5, followed by Roewe RX5, the highest price is acura CDX, in fact, different “level” models of the retail price is not consistent, it is reported that,Acura CDX lowest transaction price is 17.98W tickets, and Roewe RX5 and Changan Auchan X5 low to 8.53W, 10.19W, so know, the gap between the above models or quite big, do not know the above analysis of the SUV which is your special favorite?Finally, XIAobian I wish my dear observers a turn of fortune, more than year after year.If you’re interested in me, give me a thumbs up.Acura CDX, Roewe RX5, Changan Auchan X5 who is worth buying?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang