Coke said dry down the vitality of the forest, vitality can retain the “vitality”?

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Tall trees catch much wind.Winter Olympics “bet three in three” let the vitality of the forest has not been satisfied, ushered in the “war” news.First Nongfu Spring said it would “wipe out the Yuanqi Forest”, and then Pepsi stepped in and said the same thing.Coca-Cola is still the loudest, reportedly saying, “In an internal meeting, Coke said there would be no sparkling water from Wonki Forest on the market in 2022.”In addition to being “targeted” by beverage giants, Genqi Forest itself is also faced with a single product, new consumption cooling and other problems.How to break the forest of vitality, surrounded by external enemies and constant internal troubles?In China’s beverage market, Coca-Cola and Genqi Forest are two very different species.Coca-Cola, founded more than 100 years ago.Yuanqi Forest, established 6 years ago, domestic goods network red FMCG brand.One is a century-old global giant that has been “well understood” by the masses, with all sorts of research and interpretation by management scientists, competitors and followers, plus its own century-long marketing campaign and mental occupation.Coca-Cola is also very local: even in small towns on the fifth and sixth tier, there are vending machines and freezers with the name Coca-Cola on them, and there is a rich Chinese website and a variety of interactive online platforms that make it easy for consumers to see what’s going on around the world.In terms of performance, Coca-Cola has been regarded as “the sugar water that makes special money”.It reported full-year 2020 revenue of $33 billion, operating profit of $9 billion and earnings per share of $1.95.Q2 2021 revenue of $10.13 billion, up 42% year over year;Operating profit was $3.02 billion, up 52% year on year;Global unit sales increased 18% year over year and Asia Pacific unit sales increased 16% year over year.Coke also raised its full-year 2021 guidance, forecasting full-year organic revenue growth of 12% to 14% and earnings per share growth of 13% to 15%.Genki Forest set up a research and development center before launching a company until its first product was released in 2017.Silent do channels of communication construction for many years, has experienced the contract capacity, upstream suppliers for promotion, channel encountered opponents hit after the means of competition, or in first-tier cities and Tmall electricity double channel sales in successive years of strong performances, become “web celebrity” brand of beverage industry, especially in the subdivision circuit “bubble water” is a representative.From the perspective of historical accumulation and market size, these two species are completely different, but because of the active benchmarking and potential challenges of Yuanqi Forest, they are put into the balance of the industry.The challenge that attracted much attention was the Christmas Eve of 2020. In a short video titled “Dare you”, Yuanqi Forest implied that it would break out of the ground in the “surrounding” of a brand, using the background, much like Coca-Cola’s usual packaging.And in the challenger capital official website created by Andrea Tang, impressively hit “China promising, challenge giants, investment in good products, believe in young people” core concept.Two contrast, it is easy to let the industry association.Genqi Forest’s dream is certainly not limited to online celebrity brands.So, every time the consumer goods industry thought that Yuanqi Forest was the jianlibao, Wahaha and Nongfu Spring of the new era, insiders of Yuanqi Forest expressed disdain.Because their real dream is Coca-Cola.It is a common marketing routine for new brands to choose the giant of the target. The “national brand” color of Yuanqi Forest and a series of Internet “new methods” that integrate the characteristics of the founder’s own experience have indeed “added weight” to it.Ultimately, whether this pair of labels can be recognized by the market depends on the strength and sustained performance of the new brand itself.How far can we Go to follow the example? Genqi Forest’s sparkling soda is a popular drink, but it has two obvious shortcomings.Second, the seasonal properties of soda bubble water are strong, selling in summer, but it is difficult to sell in winter.Ahead of this year’s Lunar New Year, Genqi Forest launched “blessing bottles”, large bottles with the Chinese character “blessing” printed on the body.The red “blessing” word makes the Japanese fresh packaging style of Genki Forest more down-to-earth, with a New Year flavor.The introduction of large bottles helped Genqi Forest better penetrate the dining scene;The packaging design with Spring Festival elements successfully weakens the seasonal properties of bubble water.Coca-Cola in the last century was also troubled by its seasonal nature, which, like Genki Forest, did not sell well in winter.To address this issue, Coca-Cola has tied itself heavily to Christmas in an effort to dispel the stereotype that Coca-Cola is “better for the summer.”As early as the 19th century, department stores have made Christmas into a promotional festival, and Santa Claus into a “spokesman”, using the image of Santa Claus to sell a variety of goods, and the effect is significant.As a result, Coca-Cola decided to develop a virtual spokesman for Santa Claus.In 1931, Coca-Cola asked artist Sander Bloom to create an illustrated Santa Claus AD.Before this, the image of Santa Claus that people see is not uniform, but the image of Tall and thin Santa Claus in green clothes is the majority, and occupies the mainstream position.Sander Bloom, on the other hand, pioneered the idea of a squat Santa dressed in red.This image may be very unfamiliar to the public, but through the ubiquitous advertising space in the United States, Coca-Cola has successfully introduced this new image of Santa Claus to the eyes of every American.For the next 30 years, Sander Bloom used Santa Claus as an illustration of Coca-Cola every Christmas.Over time, people assumed that Santa should be the Coca-Cola version of the AD, so that the Coca-Cola version of Santa has become the standard image of Santa today.Sander Bloom’s illustrated ads show Santa either sipping Coca-Cola during the winter months or secretly drinking it in front of children.Thanks to Santa’s ability to carry goods, Coca-Cola has been able to overcome seasonal limitations, and winter sales have skyrocketed.In China, Coca-Cola also continues the methodology of the last century.Coca-Cola adapted to local conditions, the product and the Spring Festival deeply bound.Every year during the Spring Festival, Coca-Cola will appear in the advertisements with Coca-Cola gifts, dinner and other scenes, to strengthen consumer awareness.Now, Genqi Forest is also stepping up its efforts to capture the minds of consumers.2020 is going to be a rocket ride for Genki Forest.In July of that year, Genqi Forest was valued at $14 billion, 3.5 times its previous valuation.In February, it was reported that Genqi Forest was seeking a new round of financing, with its latest valuation approaching 30 billion yuan.Valuation of the rising vitality of the forest, bear the capital pressure is self-evident.But to be sure, Wonki Forest, like many of the new brands aimed at urban white-collar workers and generation Z wallets, has natural limitations.This year’s Spring Festival, The vitality of the forest for the first time to meet the “Spring Festival season”, the product capacity and packaging for a big transformation, revealed that they want to create a popular signal.Coca-Cola has been around for 135 years, while Yuanqi Forest, which was founded in 2016, has been around for only 5 years. However, under the catalysis of new media in the new era, many detdettions have been avoided.Now regarded as a typical marketing case of Yuanqi Forest, the development of its marketing methods, in fact, and the Coca Cola in the last century has a very high degree of conformity.Can qi survive siege and suppression?Genqi Forest wants to be the Coca-Cola of China, but Coca-Cola may not agree.According to Euromonitor, Coca-Cola retained the top spot in China’s soft drink market in 2020 with a 9.30% share, followed by Nongfu Spring’s subsidiary Yangshengtang with 8.4%.Even so, the giants are full of fear of this upstart.In early 2021, the contract factory of Genqi Forest was required to stop production;Sugarless bubble water raw material erythritol because of the size of the player end, in short supply;Eventually even the bottle embryo supply chain was cut off.This series of “bottlenecking” operations forced The Company to set up its own factories in Anhui, Guangdong, Tianjin, Sichuan and Hubei provinces, and Challenger Capital invested tens of millions of yuan in Regen Bio, a substitute sugar supplier for The company.Upstream supply chains are being squeezed and downstream channels are being seized.It has been reported that this summer the Genqi Forest and Nongfu Spring were locked in an offline fight.In 2020, Genqi Forest will put 80,000 freezers into the market, which is far from nongfu Spring with 360,000 freezers and Coca-Cola with 870,000 freezers, but its determination to enter the market is evident.In an effort to crack down on the Forest, Nongfu Spring founder Zhong Shanshan has led a team that keeps a case of its sparkling water in the forest for display fees of up to 30 yuan ($30).In addition, as long as the fizzy water of Nongfu Spring into the yuanqi forest freezer, each put a bottle of changbai snow water price of 3 yuan, a maximum of 48 bottles.In this regard, Yuanqi Forest also not to be outdone said: where in yuanqi freezer display nongfu Spring bubble water stores, will not pay display fees.As of October 2021, Coca-Cola’s market value is 234.1 billion US dollars, while Nongfu Spring’s market value is about 445.9 billion Hong Kong dollars, or 57.3 billion US dollars. Even if Wonkasun is as reported, its latest valuation of 15 billion US dollars is only 6% of Coca-Cola’s and 26% of Nongfu Spring’s.In fact, the Genki forest itself is fragile.First of all, Yuanqi Forest does not have Coca Cola’s “secret formula”, sugar-free sparkling water “sugar + water + carbon dioxide” formula is not barriers.As long as beverage companies are willing to raise costs, it is not difficult to be imitated and surpassed.Secondly, apart from the bubble water itself, yuanqi Forest has no other products to protect the market effectively.In other words, genki Forest has neither technological advantage nor moat.What’s more, there are FMCG giants from the capital strength, brand heritage to the industry chain, channels, marketing blocks.Under multiple pressures, the Genji forest is having a very hard time, much like the serengeti antelope!