Gu Ailing, Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao, who is the most real China

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Don’t complain. Try your best to make peace with life.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics came to a successful conclusion last night.The Chinese delegation also finished with 9 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze MEDALS.Gu Ailing, Su Yiming, Fan Kexin, Xu Mengtao…Every name brings honor, and every winning moment brings tears to your eyes.We see Gu Ailing’s jedi attack, two gold and one silver in the bag, “micro step, invincible”.After seeing Fan Kexin in tears, he fell down and kissed the ice deeply.See Xu Mengtao clenched fist to roar, the veteran deathless, just gradually wither.At the same time, the story behind their success has been revealed to the public.Gu Ailing is so enviable that she is totally a chosen girl.Fan Kexin is how not easy, from repair shoes shop, difficult into the Winter Olympics podium.I can’t help but remember that Since the beginning of the Winter Olympics, Gu Ailing’s hot search has dominated the screen until now.All eyes were on her and all the compliments were given to her.When I finished reading their stories, I have been thinking about a question: Gu Ailing, Fan Kexin, Xu Mengtao, who is the most real China?Later I realized that they are the most authentic China, but in different dimensions.The former is the power of the state, showing the posture of a great country.The latter is individual struggle, which is the upward power of millions of ordinary Chinese people, fighting against fate and fighting hard against life.During this period of the 01 Winter Olympics, faced with gu Ailing’s wonderful performance, some people questioned her soul: Which window did God close for Gu Ailing?After reading her results, netizens joked helplessly: “What closed is the chat window between me and her.”Gu Ailing is so perfect, so perfect that people doubt that God arranged her to be the heroine.On the ski slopes, she topped the international Snow Federation’s annual ranking at the age of 15 and won prizes whenever she competed.In school, she took the SAT, missed a perfect score by 20 points, and was accepted to Stanford university.And because tall, beautiful face, love fashion, before the Winter Olympics has won at least 23 endorsements.In her teens, she also learned horse riding, archery, cross-country, surfing, rock climbing, any of which is difficult for ordinary people to access.Take a look at Gu Ailing’s family.Back in 1998, China Science and Technology Information magazine published an article about Gu’s mother, Gu Yan, and her venture capital career.Gu Yan studied at Stanford University and worked on Wall Street before starting a venture capital company.Gu’s parents are the best of the best, and the family achieved wealth and freedom early.Such favorable economic conditions, for gu Ailing’s sudden birth inserted wings.On Feb. 8, after Gu staged a stunning comeback to win the gold medal, CCTV commentary for Gu read: “Jade ru yu Cheng, set foot on snow to find the dragon.In fact, Gu Ailing was born as dragon and Phoenix.Fate favored her, and no one could easily duplicate her life.If Gu Ailing is dancing lightly on the stage of life, Then Fan Kexin is moving forward with heavy load in the field of life.Fan Kexin was interviewed by CCTV when he was 18.She said to her mother: “I want to fight for myself, fight to become a champion, so that you can live a good life.”When Fan Kexin was a child, her family lost money in business. Her parents took her to Qitaihe to seek help from relatives with only 300 yuan in their pocket.They spent 130 yuan to rent a 6-square-meter iron room where they could eat, sleep, repair shoes and make a living.Despite the hardship, the mother enrolled her daughter, who was active and fond of dancing, in dance classes.But because the class has to charge 150 yuan for clothing.She fobbed off her mother by saying that she did not like dancing and would not learn.When she switched to short-track speed skating, the first thing she asked her coach was, “How much does it cost?”Fan Kexin cut off his long hair and got up at 4 am every day to train in the weather of minus 20 or 30 degrees Celsius. After that, he would go home for breakfast and go to school.Mother changed her underwear, only to find that her arms and legs were bruised, and her feet were scab in several places, and some places had festered.But still she shouted, “I want to learn!”Because she did not want to listen to her mother advised her to give up, she got into bed and did not let her mother see the scars.In between training, she picks up scrap with her mother.”When I was a child, my mother picked up a pair of trousers from the dustbin, cleaned them and then mended them again. They were used as outer trousers for several years,” Fan said frankly about his childhood experience.For five years, she and a dozen kids huddled in an underground garage, practicing midnight ice from 3 a.m., year after year.Finally, at the age of 17, she burst onto the scene by winning the 500m at the 2011 World Short track Championships in Sheffield, England.This is a shoe repair shop girl’s life track, tears more than surprise, suffering more than joy, to risk your life attitude, fight a hanging life.In addition to Fan Kexin, there is another cold door champion Xu Mengtao, also let people tears.Xu Mengtao won the gold medal in freestyle skiing aerials on Sunday.She waited 12 years from vancouver to Beijing for the gold medal.When she started skiing at the age of 12, she struggled for 19 years.Like Fan Kexin, Xu Mengtao grew up in a poor family.The family made a living selling kebabs on a stand.For 20 years, her father sold kebabs for her training, getting up at 6 a.m. to stock up and put on the kebabs, standing for hours on a cold winter’s night for little money.”It was hard for my father,” Xu said, choking up every time she recalled the experience of selling skewers with her father.Children of poor families are early masters.Once, Xu refused to go to the hospital for a cold and fever to save money, insisting that she had medicine to take.However, the coach found that these cold medicine has long expired, are left over from a long time ago, she is not willing to throw away.She encourages herself to practice well every night, and her biggest wish is to let her parents live a good life.But behind the persistence is shocking diagnosis report: knee anterior cruciate ligament fracture, medial collateral ligament sprain, medial meniscus posterior Angle deformation……At its worst, nearly 60 percent of the meniscus in the left knee was removed twice.You have to go out there with the spikes, you jump, you come down and get the spikes.Xu Mengtao rejected her parents’ “request” to retire. At 31, she has already passed her prime as an athlete, but she has created glory with blood and sweat.When she won, she burst into tears and shouted in disbelief: “Am I number one?”This is the barbecue stall girl’s life script, in the desperate to move forward, in the pain of the darkest moment suffering, mercilessly from the fate of the hands of the pen, to write a new life.Whether Gu Ailing, Fan Kexin, Xu Mengtao, they have paid a lot of sweat along the way.But Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao are more like millions of us.As ordinary people, our so-called dreams are often intertwined with work and responsibilities.In Japanese culture, there is a phrase called “one’s life hangs in the balance,” which comes from old Japanese and was used by the samurai class to express their determination to defend their ancestral lands.In modern times, the word has become a philosophical concept, meaning loyalty and responsibility.Isn’t fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao’s sense of responsibility to their families just “life hanging by a thread”?They insist on ice and snow sports, is the hope of their parents to live a good life.Skiing is an interest for Gu.But for fan Kexin, it’s not just a hobby, it’s a way to make a living.Winter Olympic ranking, is the result of Gu Ailing;But for the Fankexins, it is a handsome income.That’s the difference between the chosen one and the rest of us.As ordinary people, we don’t have much choice.Sheryl Sandberg once said, “There are many good choices in the world. When you choose one, stick to it and make it the best choice.”This sentence, the whole sentence is applicable to Gu Ailing’s life, and Fan Kexin, Xu Mengtao is only suitable for the second half of the sentence.Before Gu became a professional skier, she actually had many choices.In order to help Irene find her true love, her mother would take her to various interest classes after school.”Every day WHEN I go to school, my mother picks me up with three pieces of clothes in the car.Because I had to change in the car first to play football;Football, then change, then ballet;Go to the piano after ballet.At this point, I feel like trying different things will help me find my passion.”Later, she became obsessed with skiing, and her mother began to hire famous coaches to compete around the world at her own expense.But skiing is different for Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao.Do they have talent?Are they really interested?All that mattered was that an opportunity to change their lives had just presented itself, and both of them wanted nothing more than to seize it.We always say, if you have nothing, you don’t have to fear losing anything.But the reality is that ordinary people don’t have that many choices, and the more awkward they are, the more they dare not try and make mistakes.Gu Ailing whether it is to pick gold, or usually eat a leek box, will firmly occupy the first few hot search.And those humble champions in the gold fever faded, often disappeared in the public eye.Gu Is lovely, but I wish we could pay more attention to Fan Kexin.Because Gu Ailing’s story is a myth of a few people, while Fan Kexin’s experience is a legend of ordinary people.The latter use their way to tell us: this era, will not live up to every effort.This is not survivor bias.Snow and ice sports have long been regarded as noble sports, but this time there were two humble champions among the nine gold MEDALS.Their success has lit up the torch of hope in every ordinary person’s heart and inspired us.We all have to learn to accept what fate gives us.Even if we are dealt a bad hand, we have to play it to the best of our ability. Working hard is the only possible way for us to win.Finally, I want to share two stories about Fan Kexin.The first story.In the spring of 2003, the coach was selecting the team.After the standing long jump, Fan Kexin went to the side and sobbed and cried because he did not reach the standard.The coach asked her, “Hey, what are you crying about?”‘The amount was wrong,’ she said, wiping tears. ‘I usually jump far.’The coach said with a smile: “Come, give you another chance, this time the standard I also take you away.”Fan Kexin full strength to jump, crossed the standard line, she smiled through tears: “I said I can jump, just is the wrong amount.”Second story.Fan Kexin suffered from chronic malnutrition due to her poor family, and was diagnosed with severe adolescent iron deficiency anemia due to her daily overload of exercise.The doctor kept telling me that you were in no condition to train again.But Fan Kexin begged her parents, “I want to skate, I have to skate.”Why these two stories?Because for fan Kexin, for millions of ordinary people, are struggling to survive in the crack of fate.But don’t complain. Make the best of it, and hold on to it, even if the odds are slim.To find and pursue your dreams and your hopes with love, even though the road may be bumpy.And one day, when you break free, all you can see is the universe.Give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends.