Jiayuguan special clean-up related to financial non-performing assets cases

2022-06-22 0 By

The original title:China gansu jiayuguan checking up on financial bad assets case network – on February 19, the gansu daily report (reporter Xu Junyong) recently, after jiayuguan joint efforts of the two levels of court cases involving financial bad assets in the whole city special cleanup make substantive progress, so far, in high-risk financial institutions in the city of 13 cases, has rulings 5 pieces,A total of 72.32 million yuan was executed.The courts at the two levels in Jiayuguan timely launched the joint execution mechanism, and cooperated closely and seamlessly with the member units of the joint execution such as housing administration and public security, forming a strong joint execution force.At the same time, all departments of the court cooperated closely to expedite the establishment, trial and execution of cases involving financial non-performing assets that had been examined and met the requirements.For cases of clearance inspection, the principle of “one case, one policy” will be adhered to, and the competent police force will be dispatched, case by case including case leaders and responsibility undertakers, and all resources will be concentrated on executing the closure within a specified time limit.In addition, the relevant departments of the court overcame the difficulties and issued the evaluation report in only 7 days by on-site inspection and evaluation, which is 23 working days shorter than the regular cycle, so as to ensure that the courts at the two levels can complete the task of collecting and disposing financial NPL cases as scheduled within the limited time limit.