Leiling double engine E+ 0 down payment for low monthly straight down 16,000

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Hot line: global strategic plug-in hybrid intermediate high energy listing!Electric + hybrid dual-use vehicle, long endurance of nearly 1000km, comprehensive working conditions as low as 1.3L 100km fuel consumption, EV mode 0 fuel consumption, HEV mode 4.3L 100km fuel consumption, enjoy the “battery free plan”, no limit on life, no limit on mileage, lifetime warranty!Oh!My God!Buy it quickly!(1) Call gift: network customers call the store to send exquisite gifts;② Surprise gift: some models to high comprehensive discount 16000 yuan;Car booking can hit golden eggs to win small appliances;(3) replacement gift: free evaluation, replacement car double subsidies to enjoy 10000 yuan comprehensive discount;(4) Financial gift: an ID card, easy car purchase, 0 down payment car ultra-low monthly payment;⑤ Activity gift: network customers can provide a free “in-car air environment purification project”;⑥ Enjoy gift: green card charging pile, enjoy the “unlimited life, unlimited mileage” battery extended warranty;★ Provide doorto sign a single or to the shop to buy a car reimbursement and other services, so that you buy a car more time and worry ★ hotline: address: Foshan Shishan Town nanhai District foshan first ring north Bo Ai road station entrance side road