Russia’s Justice Ministry: It has added Deutsche Welle to its list of “foreign agents”

2022-06-22 0 By

Russia’s Justice Ministry said Wednesday it has added Deutsche Welle to its list of “foreign agents.””In accordance with the requirements of the existing laws of the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of Justice has added Deutsche Welle to its list of foreign mass media organizations performing the functions of foreign agents,” the ministry said in a statement.Germany’s Media Licensing and Regulation Commission announced on February 2 that it had banned Russia Today’s German-language channel because it did not have a license to broadcast in Germany.The Russian Foreign Ministry announced earlier that Moscow was closing deutsche Welle’s Russian bureau as the first stage of retaliatory measures, and that other measures would include revoking the credentials of all deutsche Welle’s Russian bureau staff.Regarding Russia’s “foreign agent” law, President Putin said in December 2021 that the “foreign agent” law was not conceived by Russia, but was first enacted and implemented by the United States.Russia’s “foreign agents” law is far more “liberal” than similar laws in the West.In contrast to the United States, which imposes criminal penalties on organizations designated as “foreign agents,” Russia does not even ban the activities of organizations designated as “foreign agents,” only requiring them to comply with Russian domestic laws and declare the source of their funds.