12800 yuan!Still be this village, industry authority sent money to owner again this year

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“Owners, and to give you money, 2021 elevator advertising public revenue to the account, quickly to the village industry authority office for.”Recently, the owners’ Committee of Zhenhua Xingcheng Residential district in Decheng District issued a “notice of public revenue from elevator advertising”, which was widely used in the circle of friends. The notice said that the community’s industry committee decided to issue public revenue from elevator advertising in 2021 to all owners.”I’ve come to collect the money.””Hello, please register your building number and unit as well as the name and phone number of the householder”……On January 27 at 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the reporter in decheng District Hubin South road Crystal Glass factory south zhenhua Star city district to see, there are a number of owners are holding id cards, real estate certificate and other valid documents to receive elevator advertising public revenue.Mr. Wu, owner of building 1, who lives in this residential area, took the 20 yuan cash he just received to introduce to the reporter: “Last year industry authority gave us money, and this year notice let us get money, we are very happy.”Ms. Li, who also just received 20 yuan in cash, told reporters: “It doesn’t matter how much money it is. What it does makes our owners feel warm and it is a good thing.””The whole community 6 buildings, a total of 16 elevators, each elevator annual advertising income is 800 yuan, this year’s elevator advertising fee is 12,800 yuan in total.There are 622 households in the community, and each household receives 20 yuan. The rest of the money is saved in the community’s public accounts for future common expenses of the community.”The community owners committee director zuozhihai told reporters that starting in 2020, the community’s public revenue was managed by the industry authority, currently only the elevator advertising this income, the money distributed all from 2021 the community’s elevator advertising public revenue, a total of 12,800 yuan.”Before the establishment of the industry authority, quite a few owners did not know what was the public benefit.Industry authority after the establishment of public revenue and expenditure, owners are also clear.”Zuozhihai said.The owners’ committee of zhenhua Star City Residential district consists of three people, all around 50 years old.The longzhihai said that this is the industry authority since the establishment of September 2019, the second year to the owners of public income, considering that many elderly people in the community will not use electronic payment, industry authority specially to the bank for change, in the way of cash to the owners.The reporter sees in the interview, the owner who had come to receive the elevator advertising public benefits, news from ZuZhiHai sentence can feel the residential industry authority’s attitude: “if we do these things, what all not, met neighbor can say in the neighbourhood, old him your whole good, we are already very satisfied.”