Can we postpone the mortgage payment due to the epidemic?A number of banks said that special treatment could be given, and suggested “preservation of quarantine evidence”.

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On April 6, the topic “delaying mortgage payments due to COVID-19 needs to be put on the agenda” went viral on Weibo, attracting more than 300 million views by the time of publication, and tens of thousands of netizens joined the discussion, many of whom expressed their hope that mortgage payments could be postponed.According to Time Finance, the banks have not received any notice about the “mortgage deferred repayment”, but some banks have clearly expressed their support for the “mortgage deferred repayment”.”Other provinces and cities, I don’t know.But up to now, THE Nanjing area of CCB has not received any notice about the extension of mortgage repayment.”On the afternoon of April 6, a credit officer at a Nanjing branch of CCB told Time Finance that CCB has not issued any notice about the cancellation or delay of loan repayment due to the epidemic. “Therefore, loan customers should repay their loans on time, otherwise their personal credit records will be affected.”In view of the problem of “mortgage deferred repayment”, At the performance presentation of Changshu Bank ( on April 6, Sun Ming, secretary of the board of Directors, said that people who temporarily lost their source of income due to the impact of the epidemic would be provided with support for mortgage deferred repayment.”At the same time, combined with the customer situation, not to be included in the list of defaulting customers, good credit investigation protection.”Recently, due to the epidemic, many citizens have turned to the Internet for help, hoping to postpone the mortgage repayment deadline.On April 6, Time Finance called customer service hotlines of six major state-owned banks, as well as city commercial banks such as Bank of Nanjing, Bank of Jiangsu and Bank of Shanghai, all of which said they had not received any notice of mortgage repayment delay.”The Jilin branch did introduce relevant flexible repayment rules in March, but Shanghai has not yet.”The customer service staff of Bank of China told Time Finance that the customer service center of the Shanghai branch has not “reported the relevant information about whether the loan can be deferred. Therefore, customers need to consult the specific branch or loan manager that originally handled the loan to know whether the loan can be deferred.”Time Finance learned that in late March this year, The Jilin Branch of Bank of China “launched the emergency plan for individual customer service during the epidemic period and formulated ten measures for the convenience and benefit of the people”, including “relieving pressure and providing flexible repayment arrangements;Provide a 10-day grace period for the repayment of personal housing and consumer loans in the province;Provide adjustment of personal loan repayment arrangements and personalized bank card repayment policies.”Image: sina screenshots besides the bank of China, construction bank, financial times in an interview, also learned that the industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, post office bank and bank of communications customer service personnel said, although have not yet received relevant “mortgage repayment extension”, “but suggest to consult the relevant manager of the loan, can try to apply for it.”For example, the customer service staff of Agricultural Bank of China said that they have recently received many inquiries about mortgage repayment during the epidemic in Shanghai.”You can call us and give us the name of the lender, documents, the lender, the business you need to do, and any difficulties you have.After the resumption of work, we will take the initiative to verify the relevant situation with the loan customers, and make special treatment according to the situation and needs. Meanwhile, the loan customers should keep the closure notice of the community and the isolation certificate and other necessary certification materials.”The above agBANK customer service staff company Times Finance.Apart from the big six state-owned banks, customer service staff of some city firms also said that “special cases can be handled in a special way, but need to verify first.”Relevant customer service staff of Bank of Nanjing said that the bank has not received any notice of mortgage repayment delay at present, “But if the loan customer encounters special circumstances, he can call us, we can try to help him to feedback verification, and then ask him to pay attention to the verification result.However, it is up to the business department to verify whether the repayment can be extended.Similarly, the relevant customer service staff of The Bank of Shanghai also said that they had not received any notice at present, “it is best to consult the original loan branch, because each branch may have different preferential policies.”Resident: Can the policies during the 2020 pandemic be used again?Although a number of banks have indeed not issued “mortgage deferred repayment” relevant notice, but residents for “mortgage deferred repayment” demand is real.Zhou Yu (pseudonym), a migrant worker from Anhui province who works as a food delivery worker in Shanghai, told Time Finance on April 6 that his work has been suspended because of the epidemic.”My rented community has been sealed off and people can’t get out.In our takeout industry, if we don’t go out to work, we don’t have income every day. I still have a mortgage to pay back in my hometown. Now I really hope that you can give me a little time to postpone, so as not to affect my credit investigation.”Zhou yu believes that we can learn from the loan deferment policy of financial institutions during the epidemic period in 2020. “It is necessary to postpone the mortgage payment, which is good for the people.”Many people like Zhou yu hope to “postpone mortgage repayment” on the Internet. “Postponing mortgage repayment due to the epidemic needs to be put on the agenda” also became a hot search on the Internet.Lawyer Chen Xiaodou, a well-known legal blogger, said on his Micro blog on April 6 that the move was “so necessary that many people, especially those in Shanghai, are out of work, their income has been greatly reduced or they have no source of income.This wave of lockdown in Shanghai not only shut down many businesses, but also required to pay high living expenses during the lockdown period. The follow-up resumption of work is also a long way to go.From the perspective of caring for people’s livelihood, people who are affected by the epidemic and have mortgage loans should be given a proper extension of the repayment period and the interest rate should be suspended during the epidemic period.”Photo source:Weibo screenshots times notice of finance and economics, in February 2020, the People’s Bank of China, Ministry of Finance, silver insurance regulatory commission, securities regulatory commission (CSRC), safe five ministries jointly issued “on further strengthening the financial support for the prevention and control will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak notice, emphasizes to perfect the social livelihood of the people affected by the epidemic in the field of financial services, and earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of the public credit registry related.According to the notice at that time, for individuals, there are two core contents: “1.For new pneumonia hospitalization or quarantine, epidemic prevention and control need to quarantine personnel, to participate in the epidemic prevention and control workers and affected by the epidemic temporarily lose their source of income, require financial institutions in credit policy tilt of appropriately, flexible adjustment of housing mortgages, credit CARDS and other personal credit repayment schedule, reasonable delay reimbursement deadline.The loan can be extended for one year for individuals infected with the novel pneumonia.2. Require financial institutions to reasonably adjust, overdue credit records submitted for new pneumonia hospitalization or quarantine, epidemic prevention and control need to quarantine personnel and for epidemic prevention and control work, because of the outbreak has failed to timely payment, by the access to the agency concluded that the overdue loans can submit, do not make overdue record has been submitted to adjust.”After a lapse of two years, can the above – mentioned “notice” still be used?”We don’t know. We haven’t received any notification yet.This is the need to have the unified guidance of the leaders above the branch, we can give customers detailed notice.”A state-owned bank in Nanjing branch of a credit manager told Times Finance.The credit manager pointed out that the relevant notice of “mortgage extension repayment” only needs to be issued by provincial branches, “Jilin that policy is not the local branch of the Bank of China introduced!I think the branch will also give special treatment to customers who have lost their income due to the epidemic, and will give some support for deferred repayment.”Explanation on April 6, changshu bank performance during the meeting, the chairman secretary sun made it clear to investors, “to practice pratt &whitney financial responsibility, strengthen the social livelihood of the people affected by the epidemic areas of financial support, our bank for those affected by the epidemic temporarily lose revenue sources, support for housing mortgage loan default, at the same time, combined with the customer,Do not include in the list of defaulting customers and do a good job in credit investigation protection.”Will “delayed mortgage repayment” have an impact on the performance of listed companies?On April 6, a private equity fund source in Jiangsu province told Time Finance that from the historical experience of 2020, loan repayments due to the impact of the epidemic did not have a big impact on the performance of bank stocks.”The performance of the big six state-owned banks did not decline that year.In the short term, in terms of quantity, both the real economy and individual consumption are affected by the epidemic. Delayed repayment will definitely affect the monthly performance, but delayed repayment is not non-repayment.”Secondly, from a qualitative point of view, the short-term income instability of many people due to the epidemic will certainly affect the quality of outstanding loans, but the impact is not big and will disappear once they resume work.”In his opinion, the fundamentals of banks are driven by the long-term macro economy. “The delay of mortgage repayment is a short-term factor, and not many provinces and regions have been isolated or closed due to the epidemic, so it will not have a material impact on the performance of banks.”