New Year’s Day reverie author: Qiao Wang Key

2022-06-23 0 By

New calendar we open a new page in rhythm of jumping the clock once again sounded in the ears is people not the strongest of the era of the pace of progress is hug at the start of the New Year We ushered in the past year we have 2022 lingering memories of the three astronauts into the blue sky from poverty engines to striding changfu promotes the brave bear to resist natural disasters and there are many memorable sound in ChinaChina’s instant Chinese story China’s powerful pure love Only watch Chinese help Rebuild the world anti epidemic powers as countless heroes make endeavour torrent let the people of the world sit up and take notice time flies long New Year’s day in 2022 to run the experience from page to page a year a year of ups and downs are ancestors left behind dusty wander in the boundless star turning to move heaven and earthTime cycle of five thousand years of civilization have much regret how much relief is looking back in 2021 in the past those feeling inspired us to overcome all difficulties and obstacles of ambition we ready to dare to create a new world in 2022 by the beginning of the yuan with struggle denier we harbored a secret ambition we high-spirited we unite our challenge for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation against the sunriseStep out on a new journey