Primary school composition “my double standard parents”, said the voice of countless students, netizens: too true

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Different from the complexity of adults, the world of primary school students is as simple as white paper. However, because of this, it is always difficult to guess what quaint ideas they will have in the next second. Especially now with the development of the Internet, the logical thinking of primary school students is increasingly jumping off.Especially in the face of learning, students will always give teachers and parents with a “surprise”, in addition to change the topic, the paper, the composition of primary school students is also very bright, often children’s words, will make people feel ironic.Primary school students composition “my double standard parents”, said the voice of countless students, net friend: too true primary school curriculum is not what difficulty, basic are based on basic knowledge, only composition, need students to play freely, if there is not enough knowledge accumulation, it is difficult to write a high score of excellent composition.So many students because of the limited writing style, write the composition is also let a person laugh and cry, just like the student wrote this short article, the whole plain English, although funny, but some difficult elegant hall, it seems that students still want to accumulate some beautiful words, to add color to the composition.But this student is not big, feeling is a lot, also summed up a woman rare fierce is more trouble, do not know from where to learn, parents can be more than a tube.In primary school, students write composition the most like to make a mistake is to write a running account, because the composition has the number of words required, so the students like to say nonsense to make up for, like the student, no problem to make up for the “ceiling”, who saw all want to admire.Looking at the student’s composition, I really want to say, the classmate, your relatives can be really many ah, but the next time can not write so, usually pay attention to the accumulation of good words and sentences, chest ink in writing “writing as god”.The student’s “Double Standard Parents”, the whole article seems to rhyme a lot, ingenious idea is extremely clever, just a few sentences to expose the true face of most parents now, netizens are said to be “too real”.The student expressed the aspirations of countless students in a short article, feeling that all parents are the same, when I went to school, parents are also like this, I did not expect that after so many years, the parents of students still have not changed.Although some students usually pay attention to the accumulation of vocabulary, but there is no way to use flexibly, there will always be the use of idioms, like the student, the composition is all organized with idioms, although there is a quality, but too artificial.The primary school stage is the key period for students to lay the foundation. Parents should not ignore students’ learning problems because of their low grade. If they want to move forward steadily in the future learning process, they should lay a solid foundation from the beginning.The author believes that it is not difficult to let students write excellent composition, to know that the key to write composition is to have words in the brain, so to strengthen the accumulation of students’ vocabulary is the key to improve writing ability.Parents for students to develop the habit of reading more books, read good books, is the so-called “world article copy”, will see the students will not copy, as long as improve students’ reading, students in writing will naturally flow a lot.But students do not look only in the books, you can go out, nature will become the best writing materials for students, the ancients cloud “read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles”, only to observe their own life, accumulate over a long period of time students composition level will naturally be improved.No one is born to write beautiful articles, I believe that students through their own efforts and practice again and again, will be able to improve their writing level, write their own style of articles.Primary school is the best period to cultivate students to develop good habits. At this time, parents should help students correct their learning attitude and let them play the spirit of twelve points. They will improve their grades.In the face of students’ difficulties in writing, parents should also help students establish the determination not to be afraid of difficulties. The difficulty of learning in primary school is the lowest. If such small difficulties cannot be overcome, then how to move forward in the future?With the help of parents, I believe that students will be able to find confidence and keep their interest and enthusiasm for learning. As long as they keep going, they will be able to climb further mountains.# # knowledge reds season the author’s note: although the pupil behavior are a lot of time to let teachers and parents feel confused, but it is also their true feelings, parents and teachers will be more attention, through student life and learning in the state, found that students grow in the process of problems, and actively guide students in the right direction.Today’s topic: How do you think primary school students should write attractive compositions?Feel free to leave a comment below.Here you can gain the latest, the most complete, the most positive point of view and content.(The picture comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete) Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to ting Wan education