Shijingshan Community Youth Club joins hands with City Volunteers for the “Winter Olympics Year”

2022-06-23 0 By

Youth, beauty, come to Beijing 2022 Olympics opening ceremony today and eight days, the winter Olympics and beautiful encounter of the Spring Festival, the whole city more than 6700 games volunteers will continue to stick to during the Spring Festival in the volunteer service jobs, contributing to service games for youth, for youth in service games for beautiful flowers.In order to do a good job in caring for volunteers, No. 7 Jingyuan Road · Community Youth Club organized an activity themed “Youth helps Winter Olympics · Stay in Beijing for Chinese New Year” in North China University of Technology, and shared the “Winter Olympics Year” with urban volunteers.Ma Li, dean of information School of North China University of Technology, and He Minghui, Deputy Secretary of Shijingshan Youth League District Committee attended the event.During the event, volunteers came on stage to share the customs of their hometown.”Before the Spring Festival, grandma will prepare a lot of preserved meat, which is an essential dish in our family’s New Year’s Eve dinner.” “On New Year’s Eve, our family will cook some glutinous rice balls and each person will eat one, praying for family reunion.” “Our family will watch the Spring Festival Gala and stay up together to welcome the arrival of the New Year.”We talked about each other and described the colorful Spring Festival culture.At the same time, the social workers of Youth Club also prepared surprises for the volunteers. The social workers contacted the volunteers’ families in advance and sent wishes and instructions to the volunteers through videos, hoping that they would spend a meaningful Spring Festival in their volunteer service posts.Volunteers then fill out the “snow remarks, Chinese letter” postcards, write all of family, home care and miss, these CARDS will be printed on the day of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony on the postmark sent to volunteer’s home, let the family feeling in this way the “double the area” shijingshan welcomed “national games” a warm atmosphere.Finally, the volunteer representatives recited ode to Snow and Ice and sang Together to the Future. Their vigorous vows and youthful gestures showed the good spirit of the Volunteers of The City for the Winter Olympics of North China University of Technology.It is understood that the northern industrial university through layer upon layer send out 372 games city volunteers, they will be in the center of the enlightenment of ice and snow sports five cities, such as volunteer service site service for the public to provide information consultation, language, civilization publicity, emergency rescue, cultural diffusion, environmental protection, to build peace, assistive services such as voluntary service.Next, shijingshan community youth exchange will continue to carry out the “cloud on holidays” watching the games “and so on a variety of theme activities, implement TuanOuWei care for volunteer services safeguards, being a good” volunteer volunteers “, and more than 6700 games in the city volunteers “support the games, the games, participate in the games” for “games”.