The incarnation of “temporary mother” breast-feeding children, warm heart nurse won the positive energy award

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Sanxiang metropolis daily news on February 17 (article/video all media reporter Li Qi correspondent Wang Jing intern Xiao Yulu) “is the baby ok now?Should be used to drinking milk powder?Remember to review in time!”On the morning of 17th, Zhong Huiying, a paediatric nurse at the Third People’s Hospital of Chenzhou city, was relieved to learn that Duoduo was in stable condition through wechat.Duo Duo is not Chung’s child, but she was a “temporary mother” to a two-month-old baby boy.On February 4, Duo Duo was sent to the hospital after a car accident.The severely injured mother could not breastfeed, duoduo cried with hunger, nursing nurse Zhong Huiying immediately undressed breastfeeding.Our newspaper reported that the nurse turned into a “temporary mother” to breast-feed children participated in the Alibaba Daily Positive Energy 422 weekly selection on Monday, and Zhong huiying’s story moved the judges of cooperative media, positive Energy partners and many netizens.Today, the results were released, and Chung huiying was voted the positive Energy Weekly award.Sanxiang metropolis daily union Alibaba is positive energy, award 5000 yuan positive energy bonus for her.Zhong Huiying, 31, is an experienced nurse at the pediatrics department of the Third People’s Hospital in Chenzhou city.On February 4th, the streets of Chenzhou were full of the excitement of the New Year, and Zhong Huiying was on duty in the department.At 5 p.m., it was time to leave work. After handing over work to her colleagues, Chung changed her work clothes and prepared to go home.Just about to go out, Zhong Huiying’s department received a call, the emergency department received a car accident in a family of four, including a 2-month-old boy, need to be sent to the pediatric department.”Young babies need special care, with thin blood vessels and tender skin.”When she heard the news, Chung, who has a 7-month-old baby, felt sorry for her son. She changed back to her work clothes and stayed there because she thought she had more experience in taking care of her baby.”We borrowed milk powder from the neonatal department and prepared diapers.”Knowing that all the family members of the child were hospitalized, and the mother was seriously injured in ICU, Zhong huiying and her colleagues made preparations for receiving the patient.Many referrals to pediatrics, left temporoparietal bone fracture, scalp hematoma, crying.I changed my diaper, but my baby cried and couldn’t be pacified.”I suddenly realized that the baby hadn’t fed for four or five hours.”Chung and her colleagues made milk powder and did not eat a mouthful.Baby milk!Medical staff worried, month-old baby scalp hematoma, continue to cry will deteriorate.Zhong huiying thought about undressing and held Duo Duo to feed her baby. “I happen to be breast-feeding, and I still have milk after working all day. I want to see if my baby is eating.”As soon as duoduo was fed, he stopped crying and felt very satisfied.Then, “temporary mother” Chung also fed Duoduo several times until he got used to milk powder feeding.Chung said she was surprised and encouraged to learn that she had won the prize for her motherly warmth and care for children. “This is a mother’s instinct, but also a doctor’s instinct.”She said that when they see a sick child, they feel very sad and instinctively reach out to help.At present, Duo Duo has been discharged from hospital, because his mother is still in hospital, temporarily under the care of his aunt.Zhong added her child’s aunt’s wechat account to keep abreast of his condition and give advice on nursing care.”It’s a wonderful feeling, as if your child is drinking milk, being dependent and needed by the baby.It can make a child stronger, braver and heal faster. Motherhood is amazing.”Zhong huiying said that pediatric patients are all children, and what children need most is maternal love, which is a kind of innate affection.Pediatric care is more able to appreciate the power of caring for children with maternal warmth and care, is “daily” operations.”Rescue rescue, she showed the angel;Undressed and nursing, she showed a motherly heart.It is a mother’s instinct and a healer’s heart that not only heals the body, but also soothes the soul.”Alibaba staff calls to express, hope joint our newspaper points praise doctor benevolence.Chung said that seeing children is like seeing hope, and she will continue to help more children to get rid of the disease with the attitude of “my children and others’ children”.A family of four were involved in a serious car accident that left their mother seriously injured and a hungry baby in need of care.In the predicament, nurse Zhong Huiying resolutely stood out.The baby, whom she had never met before, brought out the softness of motherhood in her.This harmonious and warm picture engraved the outline of great love, depicting the true colors.Tiantian Positive Energy saluted her with an award, thanking her for this vivid maternal love lesson.[Editor: Hu Yuanyuan][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]