What was once the “lightbulb combo” is now a very different story. Perhaps this is the time.

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When Curry and the Warriors opened up the era of small ball, with the threat of 3-point shooting, combined with the passing system, the Warriors’ “five small team” amazed the entire league, even if James is better, can only be swept, there is no solution in the entire league.At that time, as for years to stop the west second “captain” Chris Paul to let alliance shocked the decision, he will abandon the local tyrants ballmer clippers given 5 years 210 million of the contract, request the transaction, to know Chris Paul an injury hit year after year, already by the end of the peak, at this time of the contract, in the league is a alone,For Chris Paul, the “pension contract” was decent enough.You know, if you walk away from this contract, if you get older, if you don’t know what injury is, it definitely affects his trade value.But he chose to leave Los Angeles, where his family lived, where his friends lived, as he said on the show;”If we’re not playing to beat the Warriors, what are we playing for?”Paul also said, “I need another point besides me, the team to share the pressure with myself, obviously not in the Clippers, I am always the initiator of the offense, as long as the other side to send top defenders to guard, the restrictions on myself, the restrictions on the team are too serious.”The Rockets’ Harden, who can make the playoffs years in a row, has a three-point threat, can turn capela into a pie king, and can even drive and draw fouls, is a perfect fit for Paul.And most importantly, Harden and the Rockets need results and championships to prove themselves.When all the conditions were met, the seven-for-one deal that shocked the league was struck.As expected, the Rockets were complemented by a budding Capela, a string of top 3D players (Trevor Ariza, Tucker, Gerald Green), sixthman of the year Yuan Deng, and, of course, the Chinese mascot, Zhou Qi.This is a team that is tailor-made to keep the Warriors at arm’s length in terms of strength and commercial value.The team was supposed to have a chance to topple the Warriors dynasty, as everyone expected, but the playoffs were punctuated by Paul arguing with Harden on the court, and harden backhanded it when he attempted a fist bump on the bench.In the postgame interview, Paul made a joke, harden forced his middle finger and Paul went black.And with so many details on and off the court, it’s not hard to see that the lightbulb relationship is indelibly frayed.Many fans, both fans of the two stars and fans of other teams, cited “Paul wants to be the boss,” “Paul and Harden have a disagreement about the style and attitude of the team,” “Harden is upset that Paul is in his face.”Those reasons don’t matter. The important result is that Paul strained his hamstring in a key game, and Harden struggled in a narrow loss to the Warriors.Harden eventually made the deal, and the rockets gave Paul away for what the front office called the worst contract in history. Paul was nicknamed “Mr. 40 million,” not even “58.”Paul was sent to the thunder, whose goal was to mess up, while the Rockets got Harden’s buddy Westbrook, hoping to recreate the lights-of-light combo.Westbrook was supposed to be a younger, better Version of Paul, but it turned out that the two didn’t match each other, and even the “all-time triple-double king” barely matched the thunder, which was led by Paul, which was ironic.Instead, Paul, a good teacher, has prospered in The Thunder, leading the team into the playoffs, with a group of young generation to show the “old and healthy” style, Alexander and Doerter are also the thunder as the future cultivation object good cultivation.That’s how Paul got Schroeder’s price.Later, under the respect the wishes of Paul, deal with the phoenix SUNS, Paul and Mr “70 points” booker, top LangYi hand in hand, and a batch of new generation players, like the sun rises, and the two years in a row in the west of the previous two, Paul almost won the 2021 MVP, even people in public also marvel at 36 “old Paul” to return to the peak.On the other hand, Harden’s strike request for a trade is also a “desperate solution” (the result theory), the Rockets had to reach a deal with the Nets, Tsai’s boss frank, also formed the galaxy’s strongest lineup:Kyrie Irving, all-time all-time stand-up singles (no difference) Durant, version of the son harden, and although the old but once also a side of the marquis “white warcraft” Griffin and “king of the CIC” Aldridge, if it was 2k, basically this lineup out, also don’t have to play.Can be angry ending;Adriano had a heart attack and retired temporarily (now back), Kyrie got suspended for not getting a shot, Kevin Durant got hurt, and it’s harden’s team again!The Nets have become a target of criticism. Tsai and Harden haven’t had a good night’s sleep, and harden is rumored to be on the move in 2022. After all, the aging Harden can’t afford to wait, so it might be a good choice to join Embiid with the 76ers.It’s sad that Paul and Harden are in different situations now, but maybe it’s timing!Chris Paul at the end of his prime meets Harden at his prime.Paul met a new generation of thunder at the end of his life, and was full of vigor and vitality. Unfortunately, Thunder was too young to make achievements.But late in his career, Paul met booker, who desperately needed a win to get rid of his reputation as the go-to guy and the go-to guy. He was young but had been in the league for years, and the SUNS had a thirst for victory. Booker wanted Paul to win, just to win.So that’s why the sun is soaring, spiritually unified.Paul mentioned it on the show;The hardest thing for me is playing with someone who doesn’t care about winning as much as I do.And he said to the sun, “Brooks is a competitive dog” in contrast, now at the peak of the late harden seems to walk the path at that time, Paul, he met the durant and Owen has won the championship, they are only interested in the so-called “eldest brother champion”, otherwise, with no help for their resume, and harden’s desire for the champion is not a level.Instead, go with Embiid and believe the future is sixers!This would be the perfect time!