As the saying goes, “Nothing tastes better than dumplings.” Dumplings are not only delicious but also contain special meanings

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“But delicious dumplings, dumplings delicious believe everybody eaten fresh, delicious, delicious stuffing on leather bag, bite tongue to taste, eat dumplings, popular in northern region at the feast, the dumplings are essential to table a dish, meat dumplings, New Year’s eve on vegetarian dumplings, is the northern region has long been a tradition, delicious at the same time,Eating dumplings during festivals also has special meanings. Let’s talk about what the meanings of eating dumplings are.In northern China, eating dumplings on New Year’s Eve is a traditional custom and also a part of Chinese culture. Eating dumplings on New Year’s Eve means “jiaozi”, “zi” means “zi shi”, which is similar to the pronunciation of “dumpling”, which means “happy reunion” and “good luck”.On New Year’s Eve, stuffing is usually filled with meat. It is also a metaphor for the past year, all the unhappy things and luck are wrapped in dumplings, and then eaten, expressing people’s wishes for the New Year.Meat dumplings On the first day of the Spring Festival also known to eat dumplings habit, “eat vegetarian, do not move meat”, its implication is the New Year, do not move meat, do not get angry, life is quiet, the New Year smoothly dangdang, “element” and the meaning of silence, meaning for a quiet year in peace.And the first day of the Spring Festival to eat dumplings there is another implication, because the shape of dumplings is like ingots, so the Spring Festival to eat dumplings is a symbol of “financial resources widely into” the meaning of making a fortune.In addition, there is this saying in the folk, eating dumplings during the New Year has the meaning of early birth of your son, because with the word “son”, representative of the meaning of prosperity in the New Year.Vegetable dumplings in addition to the above festival, on the fifth day of the first month also eat dumplings, commonly known as “break five”.In winter, the north will be set on a bowl of hot dumplings, “winter solstice eat dumplings for frozen ear” have this claim, the claim of source, mainly based on folk stories, it was said that the ancient famous doctor zhang zhongjing, on cold, snowing there are a lot of people frostbite, then zhang zhongjing used pepper and mutton do stuffing, with face wrapped up, under water,And people with frostbite to keep out the cold and cure frostbite.In fact, eating dumplings on the winter solstice is mainly because of the cold, and dumplings are a common food in the north. Hot dumplings have a good effect on keeping out the cold, and the effect is more immediate.People in the North also eat dumplings on The start of Autumn, and on many festivals and major festivals. I would like to say that some people will not be able to help questioning. People in the North eat dumplings on all festivals, not only festivals, but also on ordinary days.Are there not other words, the people of the north “on dumplings, noodles”, and in fact this is mainly because with the improvement of people’s living standard, for dumplings this, in ancient times and the food seems to be, now you can often eat, when necessary, we will keep in mind that only eat dumplings in holidays are roots and implication, this is Chinese tradition culture, do not forget.