At 17:00, the passenger elevator turns into a freight elevator

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If anyone in the Xinmin Evening News building is in shortage of supplies, as long as they say it in the group, warm-hearted neighbors will help.Press the elevator and supplies are delivered.Every day at 5 PM, the elevator of No. 1 Building, Lane 888, Dong ‘an Road is very busy. The two passenger elevators turn into “unmanned cargo elevators”, which carry all kinds of food or daily necessities to each floor.The lockdown has been going on for some time, and some residents in the corridor are starting to run out of supplies.Thus, “love elevator” in the elimination of the beginning of the transfer of each other’s needs of food and various daily necessities.”This’ love elevator ‘carries warm neighborliness. We can not only have coffee break in the afternoon, but also drink healthy garlic wine.This is a rare heartwarming moment in this epidemic.”The wechat group of Building 1 was set up for this epidemic to inform everyone to take nucleic acid.After the lockdown in Puxi, milk and eggs for some families were cut off. The elderly and children needed nutrition, but they did not dare to buy in groups outside.Liang Chunmin, a professor at Fudan University’s Shanghai Medical College who lives on the eighth floor, said: “We can’t break the defense of our all-shade building just because of group buying.”So they decided to “help themselves”.Some people in the group initiated the dragon, and finally counted the demand, “rich” families have to release the milk in the refrigerator.Professor Liang and another doctor in the building, Dr. Fang, instruct everyone to put milk in a box or paper bag after the elevator has been destroyed. When the owner in need pushes the elevator, the milk is delivered to the floor.In this way, wechat groups became lively, and strangers who had been “meeting strangers” became acquaintances.Considering that children need to take online classes and adults need to work at home, we set the running time of “love elevator” after 5 PM every day.Every day this time is also on the informant most of the time, “home dog food to see the bottom, who can help?””There is only a little oil left.”…Every item alive, every one in the group, activated the long-lost neighborhood affection, especially in the current extraordinary period, everyone feels particularly precious.Residents in the building voluntarily donated mineral water, steamed buns, instant noodles, biscuits and so on to the property for hard service.In addition to the adjustment of daily necessities, coffee beans, garlic wine, fruit also began to appear in the demand list, so there was a cloud afternoon tea one afternoon, we took out exquisite coffee cups, exquisite western dessert, drink coffee cloud drinking……We believe that the clouds will see the moon and look forward to meeting again after the epidemic.