Jining Taibai Lake scenic area during the Spring Festival sparsely populated, where did the people go?

2022-06-24 0 By

Twinkling of an eye, there is only the last day of annual leave for friends. Many friends like to go to Taibai Lake Park during annual leave in previous years.South pool park and other parks to enjoy the flower lights, but this year the feeling of taibai Lake scenic tourism people very few ah, where are the people go?Actually think about also to, in the past few places jining have fun, but only limited to a few bigger park this year different, jining not only outside the park a lot more this year, the most important is the jining large commercial complex connecting opened several, is this a few complex can tap a large volume of jining!Swimming in jining small make up no other things during the Chinese New Year, also turn the turn recently opened a few commercial complex, first of all, is the commercial complex is being called the largest in jining jeju uptown “jeju uptown” have to say very large indeed, were there many people here don’t know at ordinary times, because it didn’t come true, do take a look at this New Year’s day to jeju uptown, people do a lot, and covers an area of big,There are also many people playing on the mall roof!The second is Jeanine Wooyuet Plaza. Compared with Jeju Shangseong, it feels a little less crowded, but relative to a complex, it is still a lot of people.In particular, MY Joy Square enjoy Jining xiaobian is to go in the morning, Jeju shangcheng is to go in the afternoon, certainly afternoon people to a little more.The Aegean Shopping Plaza in the high-tech Zone is also ok, but the shopping plaza is a little too small. Finally, I went to yongrun Plaza, the first complex in Beihu District. I have to say that Yongrun Plaza is really not smooth.Although there are some signs of spring blossoming now, it is still a little cold when the wind blows. It seems that everyone is now the first choice of this kind of large shopping plaza, with the wide square and heating wIF, who will go to the cold?