Swords drawn!Panjin police successfully captured 21 years of kidnapping murder fugitives!

2022-06-24 0 By

On January 25th, Zou so-and-so (from Mianyang city, Sichuan Province), a fugitive who had been on the run for 21 years in kidnapping and murder, was successfully captured by dawa Branch of Panjin City Public Security Bureau.Recently, the Shipai branch of dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau in Guangdong Province applied to the Dawa branch of Panjin Municipal Public Security Bureau for assistance in investigation, requesting the investigation of Zou, a kidnapping and murder fugitive who has been on the run for 21 years, to further determine whether the suspect Zou is active in the Dawa area.In addition to a photo of the marriage certificate of the suspect Zou xx provided by guangdong police and the clue that zou xx had a relative Tan living in the area under the jurisdiction of the Dawa Public Security Bureau, there was no other clue. The police of the Dawa Public Security Bureau could only investigate tan’s household registration information and social relations first.After many days of investigation police visit, found that Tan did have a relative living in the new town of Dawa district, and tan’s relatives in other provinces look, age and Zou similar, the police suspect that the man is Zou so-and-so.In order not to alarm, the police for several days to the emerging town of a village on the spot, found that the man with similar appearance and suspects often play mahjong in the village, through communication with local surrounding people understand, determined that the man is looking for the suspect Zou so-and-so.At 17:00 on January 25, the police thought the arrest time was ripe and immediately rushed to a village in xinxing town for control.But I did not expect that at about 18 o ‘clock, Zou so-and-so actually drove the vehicle left the new town.In order to prevent accidents in the process of arrest on the road, three groups of arrest police driving cars all the way to follow.Finally, in Shuangtaizi District Panjin city railway station south of the jinjiang Star hotel downstairs after the suspect got off the bus, the police quickly arrested him, through on-site questioning, the man admitted his name is Zou xx, to its 2001 in Dongguan city kidnapping murder criminal facts confessed.At present, the suspect Zou so-and-so has been handed over to the Guangdong police panjin police processing, waiting for him will be severely punished by the law.After the inquiry, the suspect Zou so-and-so’s relatives tan mou a zou so-and-so in 2001 committed by the kidnapping murder case did not know.