Zhang Kangyang worked crazy overtime for 1 month!Work from morning to night, finish the winter window, give up the Spring Festival home

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Beijing time on February 2, from the Italian media disclosure of la gazzetta dello sport, since early last month came to milan, Zhang Kangyang almost always is among the first to get to the office every day, then leave, at the latest, so to speak, that more than a month to work in the headquarters of the chance is very precious, Zhang Kangyang, 30, energetic, can’t slack off, everything hands-on, concerned with all aspects.An internazionale insider revealed that Zhang kangyang slept very little every day, which of course was due to jet lag.Zhang even changed his plans and decided not to fly back to China for the Chinese New Year at the end of last month, in order to produce some tangible results during his time in Milan. Instead, he decided to return home only after overseeing Inter’s Champions League knockout match in mid-February.Before that, he will manage the club’s transfer window and, at the same time, aim to boost revenues, as part of his overall strategy to infuse Inter with more global, innovative technology and more interactive fans.For example, inter’s contract with Nike will be renewed soon, with a target annual income of 25 million euros, which would be close to 180 million yuan if translated into RMB.Before, inter’s achievements in transfer signings, such as robin Salvador allende gossens has formally joined, he moved to inter milan on loan from Atlanta, loan period contained in a deal after certain conditions forced buyout clause, the deal is largely based on Zhang Kangyang and Atlanta senior pell Kathy personal relationship.In other transfer deals, inter have offered casedo a six-month deal and sensi’s loan move to Sampdoria has been confirmed.All in all, Zhang Kangyang returned to Milan for the first time this season, in just a month, he has done a lot of things, and presided over the inter games to keep a complete victory, naturally good mood!