Add national-level “golden signboard” again!Jiujiang is honored as a national historical and cultural city

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April 8th, Jiujiang city held the press conference of “Jiujiang city honored as national Historical and cultural City”, introduced the general situation of jiujiang city’s declaration of national historical and cultural city, and the next work deployment.On March 28, The State Council approved to list Jiujiang as a national historical and cultural city, making jiujiang the 140th national historical and cultural city in China.Jiujiang has one World Cultural Heritage site, 522 cultural relic protection units at various levels, and 377 representative items of intangible cultural heritage at various levels.For a long time, the city has taken the declaration of national historical and cultural city as an opportunity to continuously promote the protection and inheritance of urban and rural historical and cultural city. It has established a leading group of the declaration of National Historical and Cultural city led by the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government and the main leaders of all units as members, and compiled the Protection Plan of Jiujiang Historical and Cultural City.It has formulated the Regulations on the Protection of Historic Buildings in Jiujiang City, Measures for the Protection of Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in Jiujiang City, Measures for the Protection and Management of Cultural Relics in Jiujiang City and other relevant regulations and normative documents to promote the normalization and long-term protection of cultural relics.Jiujiang city has been restoring and transforming ancient buildings, old houses and old streets, digging into their cultural connotation, and making history and culture create new values in the new era by means of cultural and tourism integration and cultural creation.At the same time, he has created a number of opera, fine arts and calligraphy works with Jiujiang characteristics, and created a batch of literary and creative brands such as Wuning wood carving and Ruichang paper cutting, which are displayed through systematic, information and digital means, so that the people can get a more convenient viewing experience.In addition, the city through a “invertors Yang culture” seminars and other activities, connotation in jiujiang region culture actively, further build jiujiang regional culture brand, through the lushan international famous tea name spring fair, lushan international love film week, such as platform, multi-level, many forms of foreign promote jiujiang history and culture, speak good story of jiujiang, jiujiang history and culture unique charm.Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: