Li Xiaopeng escaped!Lead the team to stay 1100 yuan a night luxury hotel, the rate of the Chinese football comeback

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China’s national football team has finished another phase of the World Cup qualifiers with two straight defeats, not only to Japan, but also to Vietnam on Feb 3, Beijing time.After losing to Vietnam, many people are Shouting li Xiaopeng class, but Will Li Xiaopeng class?The latest news so far suggests that his position is secure.Not only that, he also led the National football team to stay in the average price of 1100 yuan a night after returning to the sky-high hotel, ready to make a comeback.The latest news comes from the well-known media Beijing Youth Daily, they revealed that Li Xiaopeng did not have the crisis of the position at all, many people think that Li Xiaopeng should resign after losing Vietnam, but it is not the case.First of all, Li Xiaopeng has returned with his team. The time is 5:45 in the morning of February 3rd. Li Xiaopeng arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport with his team.After passing some basic quarantine tests upon arrival, they were transferred to taimei Xianggu Taihu Hotel in Suzhou, where they were quarantined for 14+7 days for 21 days.After the end of isolation, Li Xiaopeng’s position is still no problem, why say so?That’s because he’s already taking his coaching staff, reviewing some of his mistakes, and studying and preparing for the final two games of the Big 12.They clearly wrote that Li Xiaopeng had already led the team to prepare for the next two games. If he had to resign now, it would be impossible for him to prepare for the next two games. It was the new head coach’s responsibility, not his.So now the news basically verified that Li Xiaopeng will never end his work mission, he will never dismiss.This news once again detonated the hot discussion and attention, Li Xiaopeng will not be so easy to leave, will not be so easy to dismiss.This is also a fact, after all, Li Xiaopeng’s personal ability is really not good, but at this time to find who to pick up the national team?After all, Li Xiaopeng led the team lost the two games, we have seen the National football team was scolded dog blood drenched-head, then who dare to pick up this mess?Who dares to carry the pot?Li Tie was scolded when he left, and Li Xiaopeng was scolded when he quit after two games. Can you find the third local coach who is willing to take over the head coach’s position?Almost can not find the third person, so the possibility of Li Xiaopeng’s class is really not very high.Although he had been in office only 60 days before he was seen as having a crisis, it was not.On the contrary, Li Xiaopeng and the National football team have also gained a very good treatment. Here we will mention the Suzhou Taihu Taimei Xianggu Hotel just now. In order to understand this hotel, the author also went to find the details of this hotel.Not only in the hotel is very complete and relaxation training facilities, and there are all kinds of gym, there is even a like nuances spa, heated indoor swimming pool and the meeting room, for the team’s relax at the same time adjust the loss caused by pressure, that is absolutely no problem, can be said to be relaxed, preparation, coupled with the rest and isolation of four.What’s more, the price of this hotel is really high. At present, we can check that the cheapest room price is 530 yuan per night, while the most expensive is 1900 yuan per night.The average room price per night is 1100 yuan. A luxury hotel with an average price of 1100 yuan has become the latest isolated place for the Chinese football team, indicating that they have not been affected by the loss of mentality.National soccer team is really two defeats, but Li Xiaopeng rumours of a class is surely not true, but also can see clue from the Li Xiaopeng speech after the game, Li Xiaopeng speaking after the game twice initiative to take responsibility, an outspoken lose all my fault, I and willing to apologize, and so on, but not to mention a word position change, explain Li Xiaopeng comfort for your job, or more confident.