Eat tangyuan!China Construction Eighth Bureau Shanghai company, the second branch of the labor union Yuanxiao serve a sweet

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“Eat yuanxiao, everyone come to eat tangyuan.”Today, on the Lantern Festival, the Ankang Garden project of CCB Shanghai company was very busy. The labor union of the second company and Rongzhen Property Company prepared sweet dumplings for the workers to reward those who did not go home during the Spring Festival and those who went to work before the Lantern Festival.Everyone tasted the foreign dumplings, while talking about the customs of the Lantern Festival in their hometown, smiling heap on the face, sweet into the heart.The site warm thick, a school of peaceful atmosphere infected every worker.Bell man in shaanxi’s hanzhong city Ding Haiyan with in reason, the couple left behind during the Spring Festival, every day and family phone cords lived a year, thousands of miles from home, when picked up the first bowl when I first got out of the pot of hot yuanxiao, cannot hide excited: “eat the bowl of fragrant waxy yuanxiao, made up for we can’t go home for the holiday, sorry, project department for making me feel happiness and warmth from the site.”On the construction site from Sichuan electrician Xiao Xu mouth dumplings, drum cheeks to fellow villagers said in dialect: “just come back to catch up to eat dumplings, hot, let me forget the cold, this year continue to work hard to complete their customized goals, buy yourself a good car, drive home!”Ankang Garden project adheres to the corporate mission of “expanding the space of happiness”.Project since its start, attaches great importance to the migrant workers love action, always safeguard the rights and interests of migrant workers, and earnestly implement the wage payment, safety (outbreaks) protection, inductrial injury rights and major holiday rights and interests safeguard, during every holiday through rich and colorful, various forms of activities, let the builder “home home”.The project leader said;”Every year on the 15th day of the first lunar month, the labor Union will hold an activity to eat tangyuan, which is to let the migrant workers feel the strong festive atmosphere and the warmth of the project family.”And told workers to celebrate the Lantern Festival at the same time, epidemic prevention and control can not relax, wash hands, wear masks, do a good job of personal protection.