Perfect partner: Sun Lei clean body out of the house does not complain!The garage is Chen Shan’s property, and he’s got tiaotiao light

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Chen Shan and Sun Lei still go to the point of divorce. At first, Chen Shan is determined to separate, but after experiencing the pain of losing her biological father, she does not want to lose any close relatives, so the divorce agreement is torn up.Later, Sun Lei determined to divorce, he realized that after more than ten years of marriage, he had no achievements, no pride.As a husband, he could not afford the family. As a father, he lost his daughter’s worship career.His divorce is to give himself the last decent, but also to retain the last glimmer of beauty between Chen Shan.After the separation, the car and house became Chen Shan’s property, and even the custody of her daughter Tiaotiao belonged to Chen Shan. Sun Lei was completely out of the house.Do you stand up for him?After all, no matter how married they are, their assets should be split 50/50. Why did Chen Shan take everything?Why did Sun Lei leave the house without clothes?After marriage, Chen Shan and Sun Lei live in the same house, and even have an apartment next door for her mother-in-law’s retirement.But these two houses have nothing to do with Sun Lei, and not because they were Chen Shan’s property before marriage.But two houses, whether the down payment or the later mortgage, are borne by Chen Shan independently.The new car replaced with Audi later cost Sun Lei half a year’s salary, but in fact Chen Shan’s savings were also used.So, when divorce, Sun Lei is not qualified, also do not have that thick skin, fight for what for oneself.However, Chen Shan did not give up. Although she owned all the property, she still gave sun Lei the apartment for her family of three, charging him a symbolic rent of 2,000 yuan.In the center of Shanghai, such a well-furnished, well-decorated, well-located house, the monthly rent will not be less than 20,000 yuan.Visible Sun Lei occupied all cheap, also touched enough jump light.Because Chen Shan let her ex-husband settle down on the ground that “only accept the rent of sun Lei’s single room and give the rest to Tiaotiao”.Even the newly bought luxury car also gave Sun Lei, the United States said its name “I often go on business without driving, and the car for you to drive, convenient shuttle jump” divorce is not necessarily a bad thing on the surface, Sun Lei in the divorce accounted for all the disadvantage, but in fact, his life did not change.However, he expressed his attitude that there is no way out and he should work hard.In Wu Min pull the strings, became wu You under the staff, the original positioning pharmaceutical division.But because Wu You knew sun Lei had no ambition, he used a one-month probation period as a test.At this point, Sun Lei completely get rid of the life around the family, work overtime every day in general Wu side errands.Mom was on a business trip and dad was busy, but Tigger was a little angel.Knowing that parents’ feelings are broken, still every day sunshine and cheerful play with jing Jing, do not give parents trouble.Just bitter Wu Min, not only to take care of two children, but also custody.Now she is not just a simple housewife, she has her own small business and busy daily, there is no time to continue to quarrel with Lin Qingkun.The Chen Shan after Sun Lei grasses an opportunity to change divorce thoroughly, explained with actual strength what call “personal character”, even if be apart, also many sided considers for the other side.Retain the dignity of the other side at the same time, give the other side the best economic conditions, not to let Sun Lei too down and out.Wu Min is responsible for taking care of two children, let Sun Lei be able to change life without worries, work well.I sincerely hope that through this period of time, Sun Lei can completely change himself.Get rid of the previous lazy character, have self-motivated and dedication to work.When the time comes, it will be natural to get back together with Chen Shan, which is what everyone expects!