Important reminder!2021 annual individual income tax settlement will start on March 1!Available by appointment

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The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) announced on February 8 that it will settle the comprehensive income of individual income tax in 2021.Need to deal with individual income tax settlement partners, you can make an appointment, do not cluster.01 What is the annual settlement of individual tax?After the end of 2021, individual residents (hereinafter referred to as taxpayers) need to summarize the income of four incomes (hereinafter referred to as comprehensive income), including wages, labor remuneration, author remuneration and royalties, obtained from January 1 to December 31, 2021 (hereinafter referred to as tax year).60000 yuan as well as the special deduction, the deduction of expenses other deduction as determined by the special additional deduction, in accordance with the law and conform to the conditions of the public welfare charity donations, apply comprehensive income and personal income tax rate minus the simplified deduct number (see appendix 1) tax rate schedule, calculate annual enterprise income tax payable finally, minus tax year already prepay taxes, should draw back or should BuShuiE,Declare and handle tax refund or tax payment to tax authorities.The specific calculation formula is as follows: Tax payable or refundable =[(comprehensive income – 60,000 yuan – special deductions such as “Three insurances and one housing Fund” – special additional deductions such as children’s education – other deductions determined in accordance with the law – eligible charitable donations) × applicable tax rate – Quick calculation of deductions]- tax paid in advance.The annual settlement does not involve classified income such as property lease and income that taxpayers choose not to incorporate into comprehensive income for tax calculation and tax payment.What circumstances do not require annual settlement?A taxpayer who has paid individual income tax in advance in accordance with the law within a tax year and meets any of the following circumstances is not required to handle the annual settlement :(1) the annual settlement requires supplementary tax but the annual comprehensive income does not exceed 120,000 yuan;(2) the amount of tax payable for annual settlement does not exceed RMB 400;(3) the amount of tax paid in advance is consistent with the amount of tax payable in the annual settlement;(4) those who meet the conditions for annual consolidated tax refund but do not apply for tax refund.What circumstances need to handle the annual settlement?(1) the amount of tax paid in advance is greater than the amount of tax payable in the annual settlement and the tax refund is applied for;(2) the comprehensive income obtained during the tax year exceeds 120,000 yuan and the amount of tax payable exceeds 400 yuan.Where a taxpayer underdeclares or fails to declare comprehensive income in a tax year due to a mistake in the applicable income items or failure of the withholding agent to fulfill the withholding obligation in accordance with law, the taxpayer shall handle the annual settlement according to law and in accordance with the facts.For the following pre-tax deduction items that occur in a tax year and are not declared for deduction or not fully deducted, taxpayers can fill in deduction or supplementary deduction during the annual settlement period :(1) medical expenses for serious diseases that a taxpayer, his spouse and minor children are eligible for;(2) special deductions for eligible taxpayers for children’s education, continuing education, housing loan interest or housing rent, and supporting the elderly, as well as deductions for expenses, special deductions and other deductions determined according to law;(3) donations by eligible taxpayers to public welfare and charitable undertakings.Taxpayers who obtain comprehensive income and business income at the same time may declare 60,000 yuan of expenses deduction, special deduction, special additional deduction and other deductions determined according to law in their comprehensive income or business income, but may not declare deductions repeatedly.Handling Time The handling time of annual settlement is from March 1st to June 30th, 2022.Taxpayers without domicile in China who leave China before March 1 May handle the annual settlement before leaving China.Method of handling taxpayers may independently choose the following methods of handling :(1) handling annual settlement by themselves.(2) The same applies below to the individual income tax derived from the remuneration for personal services obtained through the employer (including the employer withholding and paying the individual income tax in advance according to the accumulative withholding law).Hereinafter referred to as the unit).Where a taxpayer requests to act on behalf of the taxpayer, the unit shall handle it on behalf of the taxpayer, or train or coach the taxpayer to complete the annual settlement declaration and tax refund (supplement) through the natural person electronic tax Bureau (including the mobile personal income tax APP and webpage, the same below).By the unit to handle the, taxpayers should be with the unit before April 30, 2022 in writing or confirmed that, in the form of electronic and supplement provides its tax year within this unit outside the comprehensive income, deduction, enjoy the preferential tax and other related information, and the information submitted is responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, integrity.If a taxpayer requests the unit to handle the annual settlement on its behalf without confirming with the unit, the unit shall not handle the annual settlement on its behalf.(3) Entrust tax-related professional service institutions or other units or individuals (hereinafter referred to as the trustee) to handle the matter, and the taxpayer and the trustee shall sign a letter of authorization.After the unit or trustee handles the annual settlement for the taxpayer, it shall timely inform the taxpayer of the handling situation.If a taxpayer discovers any error in the information of annual settlement declaration, it may request the unit or the trustee to handle correction declaration, or it may handle correction declaration by itself.06 Handling channels For the convenience of taxpayers, tax authorities provide taxpayers with efficient and fast network handling channels.Taxpayers can preferentially handle annual settlement through natural person electronic tax Bureau, and tax authorities will provide taxpayers with pre-filling service of declaration items;If it is not convenient to handle it through the above means, it can also be handled by mail or at the tax service hall.If taxpayers choose to file tax returns by mail, they shall send the returns to the address announced by the tax bureau of the province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Government and cities listed in the State plan where the competent tax authorities are located according to Article 9 of this announcement.7 what is the administrative measures for not complying with taxpayers 2021 annual income is comprehensive and classification by combining individual income tax system reform after the third time, once upon a time two conduction, the vast majority of taxpayers can truthfully according to law, there are a number of taxpayers with annual income to apply for tax refund by enjoy the dividend tax reform,There are also a lot of taxpayers to supplement the income that the tax department does not master, deal with annual settlement to declare pay taxes.At the same time, the tax authorities also found that a small number of taxpayers did not truthfully declare after repeated reminders from the tax authorities.For taxpayers who need to pay tax in annual settlement, if they fail to declare and pay tax after the end of the annual settlement period, the tax authorities will charge a fine for late payment according to law, and mark it in their Individual income tax payment Records.For those with a large amount of tax,After the tax authorities — a sign to remind to remind not correct or corrections does not reach the designated position to supervise and urge the rectification is still not correct or corrections in place for questioning warning after questioning warning is still not cooperate with rectification of the case in accordance with the audit of filing a case to choose some public disclosure if the circumstances are serious, the influence of the bad start again on March 1, annual enterprise income tax income but don’tForget to deal with!