Service is open!On New Year’s Day, street leaders visited the frontline workers

2022-06-27 0 By

On February 1, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, Han Dianyong, secretary of the Sub-district Party Working Committee, led a team to visit the first-line places of the district and sent New Year’s greetings to the staff who stick to the first-line posts, accompanied by street leaders Liu Jian, Shao Mingxu and Zhang Aiping.Family reunion beautiful moment, there are still many workers stick to the front line of work.The condolence team visited local police stations, vaccination and quarantine sites, intelligent fire fighting platforms and other frontline sites to learn about the arrangements and emergency plans of units on duty during the Spring Festival. They thanked the frontline staff for their hard work and selfless dedication, and sent sincere wishes to them.At the same time, the sympathy group stressed that everyone should be highly responsible spirit, stand good post, bear good responsibility, do all the work during the Spring Festival, to ensure that the people spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.