The market supervision system strives to comprehensively implement the classification management of enterprise credit risk within 3 years

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Beijing, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) –“We will strive to fully implement classified management of enterprise credit risks in the market supervision system within about three years.”Pu Chun, deputy head of the State Administration for Market Regulation, said at a regular state Council policy briefing held by the State Information Office on Thursday.The State Administration for Market Regulation issued opinions on Promoting classified management of Enterprise credit risk to Further improve regulatory effectiveness in January this year.According to Pu Chun, comprehensively promoting classified management of enterprise credit risks is an innovative institutional supply to strengthen market supervision under the new situation, which is very important for building a credit-oriented business environment.China has more than 150 million market entities, including 48 million enterprises.What will be the impact of enterprise credit risk classification management on enterprises?Pu Chun said that the classification results of enterprise credit risk is the reference basis for market regulators to implement differentiated supervision of enterprises, the integrity of the integrity of the law-abiding “nothing trouble”, “everywhere” for the illegal faithless.Through implement differentiation for different categories of enterprise credit risk regulatory measures, do effective supervision and fair regulation, for law-abiding integrity enterprises make good comfortable operating environment, make illegal faithless limited companies everywhere, to build honest and trustworthy, fair competition market environment, conducive to stimulate the market main body vitality and creativity.According to the guideline, in terms of strengthening the monitoring and early warning of enterprise credit risks, the monitoring and early warning of the main risk points of enterprises should be strengthened, such as abnormal registration, abnormal change, abnormal increase of complaints and reports, etc., and real-time monitoring should be carried out to detect risks and hidden dangers of enterprises as soon as possible and handle them according to law, so as to push forward the supervision threshold.We will strengthen comprehensive research and judgment on enterprise credit risks, identify high-risk areas and industries as soon as possible, and take targeted spot checks and special inspections to defuse risks in a timely manner, so as to realize the transformation from passive to active supervision.For key areas such as food, drugs and special equipment, we will further implement key and full-chain supervision.For new industries, new forms of business and new models, we will give full play to the role of classified management of enterprise credit risks, implement scientific and effective supervision, strictly observe the bottom line of safety, and promote the innovation and development of enterprises.We will encourage some areas where conditions permit to further explore the classification of credit risk management for individual industrial and commercial households, specialized farmer cooperatives and other market entities to expand the coverage of the work and improve the effectiveness of supervision.Editor/Fan Hongwei