A cup of hot water, a cup of tea, as picturesque as poetry, all life

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Lunar New Year keep to the new appearance of dispute peach old operator Taurus today so helpless national human jade tiger winter jasmine new makeup soft familiar nonyl Yin just what is young not years merely sideburns have dye cream suddenly, remember poetry level and oblique tones rhyme articles womb life is like a picture scroll, social change in temperature measuring eq resolutely encourage poetry heart made style melody only skins cup cup tea beverages was bewitched, such as thought I pour you a cup of hotWater while you think about other drinks such as tea is like wine and drink more thirsty but thought that water is not water the water is difficult to into the throat how do you know the dream also have warm again just because your heart cold freezing cold muddy thing for wine and consent lonely life such as tea in the world to clear to pure only clear liquor is not drunk everybody from drunk tea is not a sad heart hurt themselves infatuated to xian poetry in painting if it is most holy picture in poetryIf it were not for the poets who knew that all the people in the world were true, the human heart is unfathomable