Funny grandma

2022-06-28 0 By

Grandma Yang Lidan is more than 70 years old and healthy, but her ears are bad and she loves to answer jokes, which has made a lot of jokes.One day at noon, my mother made my favorite meat noodles, my father encouraged me to let me eat two bowls.Who knows grandma unexpectedly came 1: “what?What are you doing at the $2 store?There is a 2 yuan shop at the traffic light “, which caused the whole family to laugh.Grandma was confused and asked, “What’s wrong?Why?”I tried not to laugh and told my grandmother about it, and my grandmother was shaking with joy.Another time, Grandma’s good friend Aunt Cow came to visit.Grandma asked cow aunt milk these days in busy what, cow aunt milk said: “went to the hospital……””Before Aunt Cow could finish her sentence, grandma shouted,” What?What are you doing in a beauty salon at your age?Aunt Cow laughed and cried.Hey, is that what happens when people get old?I must study hard, grow up to invent a medicine to treat deafness, let grandma eat to hear clearly, no longer joke!