Opening up to more countries and regions will not last long

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(Photo credit:Sino online financial) ACB News “sino financial online on February 5th (February 3rd lunar New Year, Australia’s prime minister, Morrison online media press conference in Australia the Chinese language, Chinese community in the New Year blessing to Australia, thanks to the Chinese media and community for contribution to Australia during outbreaks,He also responded to media questions on epidemic prevention and control, border opening, overseas students and skilled migrants, wechat incident, China-Australia relations and economic recovery plan.A few months ago, Australia reopened visas for working holidays and students abroad and opened its borders with New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.”We are moving towards a balance between open borders and visitors to Australia and we are waiting for a professional assessment and advice on the possible impact of the open borders on the health system,” Morrison told a news conference.I know there are many families and individuals in Australia who have loved ones in China and Hong Kong and they miss each other very much, especially at this important time of year.Family reunions, family reunions and meeting each other are what we look forward to.In response to a question from media representatives on whether people from all countries, including China and Hong Kong, would be allowed to enter Australia before Easter, Mr Morrison said he would like to do so, but said this would be subject to ongoing professional medical advice.”At the moment, people entering Australia need to meet full vaccination requirements and how they are quarantined depends on local health guidelines in each state.I don’t think it will be too long before tourists from more countries come to Australia, given Australia’s success in coping with the pandemic, although it hasn’t happened yet.””Morrison said.Alex Hawke, Australia’s Federal Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, also attended the meeting and answered questions from the media.ACB News, Australian and Chinese finance online and several other Chinese media participated in the online conference.More reports on this press conference will be issued on our website, please pay attention.When reading on mobile, click the Logo on the left of the article page to return to the home page for reading.I wish readers healthy and happy every day!Work investment goes well.Disclaimer: This article is a financial Observer commentary and does not constitute any investment advice. Please consult a professional for trading operations or investment decisions.(Solemnly declare: ACB News “Australia and China Finance online” to mark the original article reserves all the rights to work, any form of reprint please mark the source.)Tags: Australian Prime Minister’s New Year greetings pandemic vaccines strengthen needles Border students skilled migrants wechat storm China-Australia relations