The origin of Vietnamese Spring Festival culture

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There is no doubt that The Vietnamese Spring Festival originated in China.From 939 AD, the establishment of the Wu Dynasty in Vietnam’s feudal history marked the beginning of the separation of Vietnam from China.At that time, the Southern Han army tried to recover the north of Vietnam, but was defeated. In 968, The Ding Dynasty was established, and Vietnam officially broke away from China and achieved independence.For more than a thousand years, from the 3rd century BC to the 10th century AD, central and northern Vietnam was part of Chinese territory. History shows that China’s centralized dynasty brought effective administration and cultural influence, which promoted the development of Annam from a primitive tribe to a civilized society.Since the Northern Song Dynasty, the feudal dynasties in Vietnam’s history, although they were separated from China, were still vassal states of China. The state system, folk culture, etiquette and laws copied the Chinese model and used Chinese characters.The last dynasty in Vietnam’s feudal history, the Nguyen Dynasty, received the title of Vietnam from emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty in 1804, when Vietnam replaced Annam.Later, French colonists entered Vietnam. After the sino-French War was defeated, the Qing Dynasty signed the Sino-French New Testament with France in 1885, giving up its suzerainty over Vietnam.In order to weaken the influence of Chinese culture on Vietnam, The French colonialists introduced Latin characters to replace Chinese characters.