To create a national civilized city: Hengshui Market Supervision Bureau carried out the monthly action of improving the quality and safety of edible agricultural products market

2022-06-28 0 By

Recently, The Market Supervision Bureau of Hengshui city organized a one-month quality and safety rectification action in the market of edible agricultural products to further consolidate the main responsibility of food safety of edible agricultural product operators and ensure the safety of people’s tongues.The crackdown by link of edible agricultural products market sales monitoring, supervision and inspection and sampling for specification management behavior, to crack down on the quality and safety of edible agricultural products marketing violation behavior, to solving the edible agricultural products market and eliminate the risk of hidden dangers, increasing people’s feeling and happiness.Regulation on action to wholesale market, farmers market, supermarket, convenience stores, such as for key units, the strict market opening and the edible agricultural products seller to carry out the principal responsibility, carefully check the retained edible agricultural products certificate of origin or purchase vouchers, qualified certificate, shall not purchase and sales is not in conformity with the requirements of edible agricultural products,Do not use prohibited substances or abuse food additives for edible agricultural products.By strengthening sampling inspection and monitoring, digging out illegal clues and cracking down on illegal acts and other measures and means, we will severely investigate and punish illegal acts such as the use of prohibited substances in vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, livestock and poultry meat, and poultry egg products, excessive residues of pesticides and veterinary drugs, abuse of food additives, diseases, and injection of water or other substances.