186,800-246,800 new second generation GS8 sail

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December 12, the new second generation GS8 officially listed market guidance price 186,800 yuan – 246,800 yuan more enjoy six extraordinary listing gift full of sincerity, for you to gaC Trumpchi, into the new environment more extraordinary # new second generation GS8 shock listed 1818 unmanned aircraft show # Trumpchi sail sail to ride the wind and waves,Create brilliant# our journey is the second generation of stars and sea video number new GS8 in guangzhou nansha new area estuaries live listed more than Sue god send blessings through video industry higher-ups rearranged the audience enthusiasm gac preach qi launched six cars rights provide long warranty, power battery is secured, financial welfare 1818 unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the displacement and so on many cars performance phalanx of dazzling night skyChange the formation display new second generation GS8 overbearing dragon scales and listed price announcement Wang Zhe return price release new second generation GS8 sail sail the atmosphere instantly lit # super powerUnder the background of double carbon strategy, the new second generation GS8 is the first landing model of GAC Trumpchi’s “hybrid + intelligent” dual-core strategy. It has a total of six models, including pilot series and dual engine series.Breakthrough the limits of the strong into the new environment more extraordinary # new second generation GS8 shock launch!Video dual-engine series is the first Chinese brand model equipped with Fengtianths hybrid technology with 2.0TM engine to bring a strong, smooth, quiet and fuel-efficient driving experience zero hundred acceleration of 6.9s limit state one tank of oil Xing driving range of up to 2022 km to break the opposition,The pilot series is equipped with jusang Power 2.0t high-power engine and Aixin 8AT powertrain, with a maximum power of 185kW and a maximum torque of 400N·m. It is matched with AVDC shadow rider to form a golden dynamic control combination with quick start response, smooth shift and strong power.Follow your heart and seize value firstKuo enjoy luxury # new second-generation GS8 wang zhe to return in the first generation inheritance GS8 products on the basis of high quality, high level appearance force comprehensive introduction to evolution do the global platform of high match started as luxury based on gac modular architecture GPMA – L platform to build on the ride comfort, steering response, control performance and so on for generational ascension bring consumers a new vehicle driving experienceUse “star ling shadows” design language to diamond cutting for inspiration to upgrade detail quality combined with the eye of the “conquer” headlamps ink seal body color green and blue float oxygen new high-end luxury temperament of take in everything in a glance high-end and luxury feeling throughout the interior design + 14.6 inches 12.3 inches dashboard control panel body mechanics ling shadows quilted leather seat comfort,Large area of soft cladding, TPO environmental protection materials air conditioning equipped with PM1 filter and plasma generator to purify the air inside the car,Create a healthy cockpit thanks to the GPMA-L platform with a wheelbase of 2920mm and a length of about 5 meters, spacious and comfortable interior space, two-row seat, backrest, 8-speed adjustment, with an adjustable range of 131°, “Queen lounge chair” comfort directly pull full # intelligent online,The new second generation GS8 is equipped with ADiGO 4.0 intelligent driving and connected ecosystem equipped with heavy black technology supersensory interaction intelligent cockpit to better understand your needs through active awareness and constantly upgraded OTA services equipped with ADiGO 4.0 intelligent Iot, ADiGO4.0 intelligent auxiliary driving, AR – HUD leading technology configuration for the user to create a car with see is controlled by the intelligent space for intelligent technology in the service of your new car pick up as many as 22 real wisdom a total of 27 items rich in active safety driving sensor intelligent technology omni-directional, intelligent real-time security protection of whole vehicle application of ultra-high strength of 1500 mpaStrength thermoforming steel to create super armor guard won the “2021 China top 10 body” award to lead the high-end luxury remodeling Of China’s high-end SUV image with innovative technology new second generation GS8 comprehensive upgrade228,800 yuan – 246,800 yuan enjoy six special listing gifts