After their son was abducted and sold by neighbors, their daughter also disappeared in the same year. Guizhou couple have been searching for their children for 17 years!

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Ma yongxiang and his wife had been living in Huaxi district, Guiyang, Guizhou province, until their children were abducted and sold, leading to a life of traveling around the country.He was originally wealthy, but he was abducted in order to find his son, and missing daughter, he did not hesitate to put down all the business, just to find their children.All his efforts paid off. After 17 years, he and his wife found their son.But when he finds his son, he thinks he should not recognize his son, because his son is about to inherit his adoptive father’s huge assets.These years Ma Yongxiang to find a son, it can be said that it is scattered, still owe even a lot of foreign debt, so Ma Yongxiang just produced this idea.One side is the future of their son, one side is oneself and his wife for more than ten years yearn for the scene with their son, Ma Yongxiang couple finally how to choose?After the son is abducted and sold, the daughter also disappears one after another!”Ma Yongxiang” and his wife Wu Daoming had been living in Huaxi district, Guiyang, Guizhou province. His family was relatively wealthy originally, relying on the tea business for a long time, he bought a house and a car very early.The son, Ma Jiangfu, was born on October 7, 1996. He is the sixth child in his family, and he is survived by five older sisters.Because of the birth of his son, father Ma Yongxiang was so happy that he could not sleep for several days.After the birth of his son, Ma yongxiang’s business has been relatively good, before his son did not abduct, Ma Yongxiang in the local business circle is somewhat famous.In September 2000, ma Jiangfu was just four years old.After sending her daughter to school that day, wu Daoming, the mother, sent her child to a neighbor’s house to play.The neighbors had moved from another province, and their new house was right next to Ma’s.Recant at ordinary times between get along and help each other, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Road bright couple lowered vigilance heart to them.In fact, this is no wonder Ma Yongxiang couple careless, after all, is to get along with the neighbors, and the two children often play together, so mother Wu Daoming will send his son to the neighbor.What they don’t know is that their neighbors are people who sit quietly and make a living, but behind their backs are traffickers.After Wu Daoming sent Ma Jiangfu to his son’s house that day, he wanted to finish the things in his hands to pick up his son.Where to know the neighbors saw her go away, immediately packed up the luggage again, and then took only four years old Ma Jiangfu left the city.Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming busy after the work on hand, and as usual to take the children back from the neighbor, but they found that the door of the neighbor is not only locked, they shouted for a long time no one responded.See no response, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming felt some panic, they then found another neighbor, when the neighbor told them, Ma Jiangfu on a car, and Ma Yongxiang familiar with the neighbor carrying bags also on the car, Ma Yongxiang couple this to understand the seriousness of the matter.After Ma reported the incident, the police opened the neighbor’s house, but they were already empty. Since the neighbor used fake personal information, Ma never received any response.After the son is abducted by the neighbor, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming have been looking for in the neighborhood, they ever walk interluding in the streets and lanes of Guiyang, also drive the car aimless general search son, as long as they find and son similar figure of children, they will go up to check, for this they have repeatedly made a lot of misunderstanding!In order to find the son, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming put down the business on the hand, and also to close the store, in fact, they also want to run, but after the son disappeared, they did not have any idea to do business.During the search for their son, ma Yongxiang’s family soon received bad news that their second daughter had disappeared after school.Ma yongxiang was later told that his daughter had been abducted by human traffickers.Missing two children in a year, this is a not small blow to Ma Yongxiang parents, originally they have been looking for their son, now the daughter is missing, this let them next how to face the future life?In order to find their children, they do not hesitate to sell houses to sell cars, rush around the country!After the daughter is missing, Ma Yongxiang and his wife are more careless the business that manages him they sell the house of old home and car, sent 4 daughters to relatives in the home, after leaving a part of money, they resolutely set foot on the difficult journey that seeks a child to seek a woman!In the search for their children’s journey, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming met many parents with the same experience, these people heard ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming lost two children, have expressed sympathy for them.After five years and eight years past, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming still did not give up, until the daughter gradually grew up, their couple two owe a lot of debt, they finally decided to suspend the pace, after all, four daughters also take care of.Then Ma yongxiang and Wu Daoming began such a life, after saving a little money, they would go out to find their children.When the money was spent, they returned home.In those years, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming in order to find their children, almost all over the country.They have been to Inner Mongolia, to the northeast, to Guangdong.As soon as they got a piece of information, they would write it down on paper and go looking for it one by one.Ma yongxiang and Wu Daoming were told to enter their DNA information in a national database after their story was learned.After all these years, they figured it wouldn’t hurt to try again, so they logged in their information.In 2017, a number of non-governmental organizations jointly organized a “family search campaign”, and some children who had been abducted since childhood joined the campaign after learning about it.After 17 years, originally Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming have no expectations!But when they see one of them called “Wu Shaopeng” guy told his own experience, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming can be described as hug and cry, because the young man about the memories of the content and their children are completely general.According to Wu shaopeng, he remembered that his biological father’s surname was Ma, that he had heard his father called “Lao Ma” and that there was a bridge in front of his house.Hear Wu Shaopeng say a lot of memories, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming in the venue directly holding Wu Shaopeng cried, because they already know the guy is their own son.Although everybody space ten years, but the appearance of Wu Shaopeng and Ma Yongxiang it may be said is very similar, plus Wu Shaopeng spoke out with his son exactly the same experience, they just finally understood this person is his son lost 17 years “Ma Jiangfu”.After DNA identification, Wu Shaopeng and Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming do have the blood relationship between parents and children, Wu Shaopeng is the son of their two people.After the examination finds the son, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming produced the idea that refuses to recognize with the son however!After ma jiangfu was abducted, he was sold to a family in Fujian province and renamed Wu Shaopeng because his adoptive parents had only one son. He is now preparing to receive their business and property.In these 17 years, in order to find the son Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming it may be said that it is scattered all the family wealth, so in domestic conditions and material basis, they and the family that adopts his son have no ratio completely.After knowing the situation of the son now, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming for the son’s future and future, produced the idea that identifies with him.Ma yongxiang and Wu Daoming believe that as long as their son lives well, they are satisfied.Heard parents these years in order to find their own and sister to eat a lot of pain, Wu Shaopeng also fell in tears.He called his adoptive father in Fujian and told him.The adoptive parents of Wu Shaopeng are very reasonable, also understand Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming find the mood of the son, so he not only did not oppose the son and close parents recognize, but also strongly in favor of this thing.During their talks, Wu daoming conflicted between emotion and reason, letting her son stay with his adoptive parents while keeping him by her side with tears in her eyes.Wu shaopeng said what he really thought, even though he knew his answer would upset his parents.He wanted to stay with his adoptive parents because they had been so good to him all these years and he couldn’t bear to leave him behind.After saying this, Wu shaopeng immediately said that he would often go back to his hometown to visit his biological parents, he has two families, four parents.Found the son, but can not find the son, this sentence used in Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming body most appropriate.For their son’s words, they did not make any excuses, but agreed with Wu Shaopeng’s opinions and ideas, after all, this is the son’s personal will.Know son these years have been so good, Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming also set foot on the return train in contentment, at the same time they set foot on seventeen years of uninterrupted looking for children’s road, although the son found, but the daughter has been without news.Ma Yongxiang and Wu Daoming said, find her daughter things they have not crave, just want to know her daughter is now good?Conclusion: Regarding this matter, many people hold different opinions. Some people think that a son should follow his biological parents, while others think that he should follow his adoptive parents. After all, the adoptive parents are from a better family.Do not know how we think wu Shaopeng (Ma Jiangfu) should choose?